Julep Maven March 2014 Box

My biggest problem with subscription boxes is that you never know what you'll get. Will you get something that you'll enjoy and actually use, or products that you'll never use? I've been subscribed to the Julep Maven box since October but I've only shown you two boxes because I kept skipping my boxes. One of the things I've enjoyed about Julep (other than their nail polishes) is that they show you exactly what you're going to get. There won't be a surprise factor but I'd rather be a savvy consumer instead of paying money for something I'm never going to use. The March box was just way too gorgeous to pass on it, so in my latest video I'll be showing you the nail polishes I got and how they apply.

To enjoy your own free box sign up on Julep.com and use the code FREEBOX. With the code you'll get your first box for free but you'll have to pay $3.99 for shipping. After that you'll be sign up for the subscription service, but if you don't want to get charged $20 a month you'll have to log on during the 20-24th of each month. Go to "My Monthly Box" to see what you'll be getting and if you don't like what you see or can't afford a box then click "skip." You'll be asked why you want to skip and after that you won't be charged! It's a good way to be a savvy consumer and get a box exactly when you want one.
Video en español
I hope you enjoyed my latest unboxing! Let me know in the comments below what subscription box you've tried in the past and if you were happy with their service.

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