March 2014 Playlist

I can't believe that it's been officially a year since I started making these playlists! It is truly amazing how fast time has gone by since I started blogging. Out of all the blog posts I write I have to say these are some of my favorite posts to work on. I really enjoy the process of coming up a theme and choosing each song for the playlists. This month's playlist is full with amazing and surprising covers. I really enjoy hearing a band or musician's take on another artist's song. If you're interested in listening to the covers then just continue reading.

Since this is the covers playlist I've made sure to include the original artists in parenthesis. Like I said some of the covers are a bit surprising or odd like Weezer covering Unbreak My Heart or the folk rock version of Hot In Herre that I discovered back in my high school days. Unfortunately Spotify didn't have all the covers I love but this is still a solid playlist. I think my favorite cover in this playlist has to be Haim's version of Hold Me. They've even said in interviews that people often mistake the song for their own because they do such a great job playing it live.
I really hope you enjoy this playlist! Let me know which cover was your favorite in the comments below. I would also love to know about any other covers that you may like.

Happy listening everyone!

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