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Last week I went up to Solana Beach with my parents and there I saw the local San Diego beauty store Kamay Beauty and Spa. I usually go to an Ulta or Sephora to buy beauty bits but I've been trying my best to support the little guys more often. Without knowing what kind of a sale they were having I went in "just to browse." Little did I know there was a huge section of items that were marked down 40-80%! In the sale section you could find several Mario Badescu skincare items, Becca makeup, Essie nail polish, and then there was a large display of O.P.I. nail polishes that were 40% off. I felt like I had hit the jackpot because I absolutely love O.P.I. and it's very rare for the polishes to go on sale. I was careful when picking out shades so I only picked colors that I was certain that I didn't own and this one was by far one of the most unique colors.

Obviously the nail polishes on sale were from past collections but I honestly don't care if I'm getting a nail polish from the Hungary collection or the Shrek collection, all I really care about are the unique colors. I did some research and found that this shade was in the Nicki Minaj collection. Am I surprised? Not really, Nicki is a pretty colorful character in the music industry. What attracted me to the nail polish was of course the color! When I first saw this it reminded me of a muted down Nickelodeon Slime color, but when my mom saw it she told me it looks like tennis balls which is very true. The polish was opaque in two coats which surprised me since brighter shades usually run on the sheer side. Overall I'm very happy with this nail polish. You can see the other nail polishes I got in my latest haul.
Before I go here's a picture I took of Francis while she was yawning. As you can probably tell I got a new lens which is the Olympus 50mm f/1.8 that I scored for $26.50 on eBay. All I needed was an adapter to hook up this lens to my DSLR and now I can take crisp pictures with a blurry background.

What is the craziest nail polish color in your collection? Let me know in the comments below.

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