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A few months ago I was approached by Born Pretty to review an item of my choice. Picking that one item I wanted review was certainly no easy task because they literally have everything from nail art supplies to iPhone cases! And the best part is that everything is well organized and there's free shipping worldwide. I began to look at all the brush kits they offer and this one caught my eye because of the case. It just looked like something I can easily travel with without having to worry about damaging my brushes. Another thing that attracted me to these brushes was the color combination because by now you should know that I love both gold and orange. In this blog post you'll find a review on the brushes as well as a makeup tutorial featuring the brushes in action.

The Exquisite Portable Brush Set contains 3 face brushes, 3 eye brushes, a lip brush, 3 brush guards, and a travel-friendly container. Some of the brushes are made out of goat hair, pony hair, and then you have your average artificial fibre brushes. I found that all the brushes were incredibly soft to the touch and even felt really nice on my face. The handles felt very nice and the ferrule also felt like it was attached very well. These brushes certainly don't look nor feel cheap whatsoever. 

I really enjoyed this brush kit because the brushes offered have more than once function. The powder brush is big enough to evenly apply brush all over your face but it would also work great for applying bronzer or blush. The contour brush is a small angled brush perfect for contouring, applying blush, or even highlight. In this kit you're also getting a standard paddle brush for foundation. I'm not a fan of these type of brushes for foundation since I find that they leave streak marks, but I will get use from this when it comes to blending out concealer in smaller areas like around my nose. I also believe that the foundation brush would work great for applying cream products such as cream blushes and contour to very specific areas. The other brush that I would put in the face category is the lip brush because it would make for an amazing spot concealing brush.

As for the eye brushes you're getting a short shader brush, an angled shading brush, and an angled brow brush. The short shader is perfect for applying eyeshadow on the lid but it's also fluffy enough to do some blending. I really enjoyed this particular brush and it has to be my favorite from this kit due to the size, softness, and ability to apply eyeshadow. The angled shading brush is small enough to apply a concentrated amount of color on the crease or smudge eyeshadow in the lower lash line, but the brush is so small that it can't blend out color well. I personally don't enjoy angled brushes for the eyes and would have preferred a fluffy blending brush instead. The last eye brush is the angled brow brush which can be used for filling in your brows or applying eyeliner. I found it a little too flimsy for my brows but it is thin enough to create small brow-hair like strokes. What I loved this brush for is for eyeliner because it just applied eyeliner so effortlessly.

Now let's talk about the things I didn't enjoy about this kit because it wouldn't be a review without constructive criticism. My first big problem was the powder brush because it shedded quite a bit when applying makeup and also when washed. Another thing I noticed is that the brush is dyed black much like Sigma brushes, so when being washed you'll see some of the black dye go down the drain. The contour brush also sheds a little but all the other brushes don't have any problems. I just wish this kit had a blending brush instead of the angled shading brush but I can get past that.

Overall I really do enjoy this kit and would recommend it to either beginners trying to build a brush collection or those who love to travel. I know I'm going to get a lot of use from these brushes, especially the contour, short shader brush, and brow brush. The brush set retails for $17.59 which makes it extremely affordable and I have a coupon code so you can save 10% off your purchase. Use the code LNH10 to receive 10% off!
For the tutorial I decided to create an everyday look featuring red lips. I know red lips isn't an everyday staple for everyone but when paired with a neutral eyes and soft blush I believe that it can look very wearable. I used every single brush in the kit in the video and even show you some alternate ways you can use them.

I hope you enjoyed the review and tutorial! Check out Born Pretty for any of your beauty needs because I'm not kidding when I say they have everything in that store. Also use the code LNH10 in order to save 10%!

Today's question is: What are your favorite brushes? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: The brushes were sent to me by Born Pretty for me to review and feature in a video. I chose the brush kit and the video tutorial idea. All pictures, video, and opinions are entirely my own. I am not being paid by Born Pretty nor will I get any revenue from the usage of my discount code.

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