50 Facts About Me

If you follow me on either Twitter or Facebook then you would know that I'm currently very sick at the moment. Yesterday I had a really bad fever and sore throat and today I can't even talk. I also developed a weird lump on the side of my neck which isn't cute but who said having strep throat was cute anyways. In order not to miss a posting date (since I'm already missing filming dates) I decided to post a video I did over on my YouTube channel a few weeks ago. In this video you'll learn quite a lot about the girl you're following including how to say my weird middle name.

I really hope you enjoyed this video and learned a thing or two about the blogger you're following. I hope to make a full recovery by this weekend so I can go back to filming and producing good content for both my blog and YouTube channels.

In the comments below share one fact about yourself, I would really love to get to know who's reading my blog.

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