April 2014 Playlist

In April one band kept me dancing all month long (although I'm one of the stiffest dancers in the world) and that band was Chromeo! I was introduced to Chromeo back when I was in high school and they've been one of my favorite electrofunk acts for years. Although I didn't go to Coachella I still found myself watching certain bands on the webcast and one of the bands I couldn't miss was Chromeo. It's safe to say they were one of the best acts at Coachella and thanks to their great performance now I'm impatiently waiting to see them again at Outside Lands this August.

Once again I have another playlist with a lot of French and French Canadian acts. What can I say? The French are geniuses when it comes to music that makes you want to dance, despite the fact that they are some of the worst dancers out there. I honestly felt at home at the Social Club because no one was a good dancer. Either I am the stiffest Mexican out there or there's an ounce of French blood in me and that's to blame for my stiff dance moves. Either way I still love to awkwardly dance in my room and at music festivals. Here's a playlist that's going to make you bust out either your best moves or stiffest moves if you're anything like me.
What was your favorite song from the playlist? Let me know in the comments below. Also do you consider yourself a good or bad dancer?

Happy listening!

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