MAC Plumful Lipstick

MAC Plumful
As you all know by now I am a huge lipstick addict. I technically don't need another lipstick till the day I die but I just can't help myself sometimes, especially when it comes to rosey shades. I first heard about Plumful thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Estée of Essiebutton. She's one of the bloggers that I trust the most so when she really loves an item I write it down so I can check it out. I bought Plumful with a birthday gift card a couple months ago and now cannot imagine my life without it. It is literally the most flattering lipstick in my collection, and that's saying a lot.

MAC Plumful
MAC Plumful swatch
Plumful is a muted rose shade with a hint of plum. The lipstick has a lustre finish which means it has a slight sheen and is more moisturizing than other MAC formulas. The color is very buildable so it can worn almost like a stain or full on like how I have it on the picture. Although the color isn't the darkest, I still get pretty good wear from this lipstick. I can wear this for around 4 hours without having to reapply, but like most lipsticks you'll have to reapply after you eat.

I love this shade so much because it allows me to wear some color on my lips without having to turn to a really bright or obnoxious shade. It is just one of those colors that you can reach for without having to really think if it's going to go with your look. I've worn this lipstick in numerous ways and it always pulls a look together. This is one of those shades that I feel like it would look great on every skin tone, from pale girls to the deepest skin color. 

I know MAC lipsticks aren't the cheapest, but when it comes to higher end brands a $16 lipstick is considered somewhat of a bargain. Personally I think this lipstick is worth the $16 price tag since it's a shade that you'll wear very often. If you're someone who likes pink shades then Plumful is definitely a lipstick that you need in your collection. 
MAC Plumful
What are some of your favorite MAC lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below because I currently have 12 MAC empties (finally) and I'm looking for lipstick suggestions. 

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