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FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kleenex
My last Kleenex post did so well that I decided to team up with Kleenex once again to bring you another post- this time I'll be talking about traveling with Kleenex. I'm so happy that this campaign coincided with Lucky Fabb because I was already planning to take at least one packet along with me for the trip. You always see me commuting on the train and out and about so I thought this was a very natural collaboration and one you would really enjoy because of the stories I'll be sharing.

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Kleenex partnered with Isaac Mizrahi to create 4 designs which are intended to evoke confidence and inspiration to help you express your personal style and step out of your comfort zone when it comes to incorporating the latest trends. Exclusively on the Kleenex style finder you can watch videos featuring Isaac Mizrahi where he provides his latest style advice and shares his own experience as a design leader for more than two decades.

Did you know that Kleenex started out as a facial tissue for removing makeup? Yeah, neither did I. It may have started with one known purpose but I can definitely think of at least 15 ways to use your Kleenex. Whenever I'm on the go I always go for things that are practical. When it comes to outfits I go with comfortable pieces and when it comes to beauty products I pack things that are going to give me multiple looks without having to take the majority of my makeup collection.

For Lucky Fabb I took my small but stylish Kleenex pouches because they conveniently fit in both my makeup bag and small handbag. I took them with the intention of using it whenever I have to blow my nose or blot my lipstick, but I found myself using them in other ways too. I accidentally spilled orange juice on a chair right before the first panel began because I'm a klutz like that, and who came to the rescue? My Kleenex pouch! (OH YEAH) I would also use tissues to blot my face in the bathroom and one of the bloggers attending even told me that she loved the pattern. What can I say? No one can resist cute decorative tissues and the fact that they're so useful and practical is why I always have a pouch on me.

I also use the convenient Kleenex pouches whenever I go on the train. The first thing I do when I hop on the train is choose a seat and wipe down the folding table because you never know if it'll be dirty or clean. Trust me, I've had some very sticky tables before and the stickiness creeps me out. If I'm planning on eating something or doing my makeup, I always lay down a tissue for sanitary reasons. Instead of using the train's very scratchy napkins, I just use a tissue because I find that they take off less makeup than those cheap napkins. Napkins leave my nose and mouth area very red which is not good because people can mistake that for having a really bad flu.

Are you someone who travels with tissues? If not, what is one of your travel necessities? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by Kleenex. All opinions, stories, and pictures are entirely my own. Also the Kleenex packets were hand picked by myself. Thank you Kleenex for sponsoring today's blog post!

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