Growing Out My Pixie Cut- Month 2

Growing Out My Pixie Cut
So it's officially one year since I got a pixie and 2 months since I decided I wanted to grow out my pixie. Today I'll be talking a little about how the growing out process has been, what I've been doing with my hair, and also show you the progress. Also can you see how curly it gets now? HELLO TEXTURE! I'm still learning how to work with it since sometimes it makes me feel like a poodle. (Also please excuse the pictures, I didn't notice that my tripod casted a shadow until I was uploading them at night. Oops!)

growing out a pixie cut
Growing Out My Pixie Cut
Growing Out My Pixie Cut
Month 1 and month 2 side by side. My hair looks shorter in month 2 thanks to the curls but it has grown just a bit since the first month. Let's just say that I'm currently stuck in the awkward stage of growing out a pixie.
Thank you so much for watching the second update in this "growing out my pixie journey." I hope you enjoyed the lastest update.

What hair type do you have? Is it straight and fine, thick and curly? Let me know in the comments below.

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