How to Blend Eyeshadow #BeautyBasics

How to Blend Eyeshadow
Welcome to the first official #BeautyBasics video! This was the video that you voted for on the blog poll last week. Thank you to everyone who voted on the blog poll! Make sure to vote on the newest blog poll which is located on the right column. For this first video I'm going to show you how to blend eyeshadows. It sounds like it's an easy thing (and it is) but I still remember how bad I was at blending when I started experimenting with makeup. Blending is very easy but it requires some effort on your part because unfortunately there's no such thing as an eyeshadow that just blends out by itself. So grab yourself an eyeshadow palette and your fluffiest brushes because you're heading to "blending 101."

How to Blend Eyeshadow

What is your favorite blending brush? Let me know in the comments below. Also if you have any #BeautyBasics suggestions leave those in the comments as well.

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