Review | Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner

Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner
I love a good liquid eyeliner pen but I noticed that many would dry up within a month. Whether you're paying drugstore prices or high end prices, it never feels good to throw away a product after a month of use. A viewer recommended me the Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner a few months ago and I decided to give it a go. If you saw my April Favorites then you will know how this review will pan out, but if you didn't see it all you have to know is that I really love this eyeliner.

Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner
Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner
The first thing that sets this eyeliner apart from other liquid eyeliner pens is the size. As you can see the eyeliner is quite short which actually helps you have better control. I found that it fits in my hand comfortably and that I'm able to just maneuver it around my eye with ease. The tip of the eyeliner also presents no gimmicks. It doesn't look like a kajal eyeliner like the Maybelline eyeliner pen or have a weird ball on the point which allows you to do a thin or thick line. The point of this eyeliner pen is rather normal, not too stiff or flimsy which again helps you with the application.

As for the formula, I think it's one of the best ones I've encountered. The black eyeliner is completely black, not dark gray. The eyeliner is not completely matte nor shiny, I would probably refer to it as semi-matte. Once the eyeliner sets it really doesn't go anywhere! You can try rubbing your eyes and it will still be there. I'm currently here rubbing on the swatches with my hand and the two lines look perfect. If you need any other evidence look at how my eyeliner looked the morning after I slept with my makeup, still flawless. I was actually contemplating on wearing the eyeliner for a second day in a row but that would have no been the brightest idea.

Milani describes their Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner as "full color flow thru system that delivers & defines a perfect line in one stroke," which is extremely accurate. This eyeliner pen takes the best of eyeliner pots and pens. You have to shake it up like an eyeliner pot to have the ink flowing but it applies effortlessly because of the pen-like packaging. If you haven't tried this I highly recommend checking it out! I've been using for over a month and there are absolutely no signs of it drying up anytime soon.

The Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner retails for $7.49 and it can be found at drugstores and Walmart locations.
Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner
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