Budget-Friendly Eyeshadows

Budget-Friendly Eyeshadows
Recently I've been wanting to expand my eyeshadow collection and get some shades that I normally wouldn't go for. I know a lot of people are loving the pinks and warmer colors but I wouldn't want to spend $54 on a palette that I personally wouldn't get a lot of use from so I did some research and decided to go the budget-friendly route. I ended up spending $31.80 on eyeshadows from Makeup Geek and Coastal Scents that I knew would push me out of my neutral comfort zone. Here are the shades I ended up going for and how they look when swatched. There will be a full review on both brands in the coming weeks.

Makeup Geek eyeshadows
Makeup Geek Swatches
I was so impressed by the Makeup Geek eyeshadows ($5.99)! They are smooth, incredibly pigmented, and the colors are very unique. I was so pleased with the matte shades! I honestly would have thought they were from a high-end brand because they were so smooth. The eyeshadows swatched amazing on my arm, which didn't have any primer may I add!

Peach Smoothie- A very light matte peach eyeshadow. It looks a lot more orange on the website but in real life it looks sort of like a creamsicle color. I'm looking forward to using this eyeshadow on my lids and crease.

Crème Brûlée- A warm matte brown eyeshadow. This again looks really orange on the Makeup Geek website but it's actually a really lovely warm neutral eyeshadow that would look amazing on the crease and smudged on the lower lashline.

Unexpected- A dusty lavender shade. On the website this looks a lot more pink and it is described as a pale pink brown, but to me this is a dusty lavender shade that looks very similar to a couple nail polishes that I own. I know I will probably end up using this shade the most on my lid and crease because it looks incredibly versatile.

Country Girl- A reddish brown eyeshadow with silver shimmer. This on the pan looks very purple but when swatched you can really see how red it is. I absolutely loved this shade and I know it will make such a lovely outer-v shade.
Coastal Scents eyeshadow
Coastal Scents swatches
After doing much research I found out that the Coastal Scents shimmery eyeshadows ($1.95) were a lot more pigmented than the matte but I wasn't expecting much from them. These eyeshadows felt like butter! They are so incredibly soft to the touch and oh so pigmented. I was very surprised at the quality of the eyeshadows, especially for the price.

Amaretto- A shimmery brown with a warm undertone. This shade is a perfect for a 1-eyeshadow look. I like that it is similar to the eyeshadows that I normally gravitate towards but the warm undertone makes things a little more interesting in my opinion.

Panama Rose- A shimmery purple with a pink undertone. This eyeshadow is just beautiful! It looks like a normal purple on the pan but then swatched you can really see the pink undertone and shimmer. I cannot wait to experiment with this eyeshadow but as for now I can imagine that it would look great in the outer half of the lid.

Mai Tai- A mauve with gold/bronze shimmer. This is another color that is perfect for a 1-eyeshadow look. I love the warm shimmer running through this eyeshadow because it makes an ordinary mauve shade look incredibly beautiful. I cannot wait to start incorporating this into my eye looks.

Mauve- A burnt pink with subtle shimmer. Although the name suggests it's a mauve color, this is a little too warm for a mauve. This is would look amazing on the crease paired with Mai Tai on the lid. This did have the least pigmentation but it wasn't hard at all to build up the color.
Budget-Friendly Eyeshadows
So that's it for this quick overview of the eyeshadows I've picked up recently! I will be reviewing Makeup Geek and Coastal Scents eyeshadows in separate posts in the next few weeks. I will also end up reviewing the Z Palette since this is my introduction to them.

Have you tried Makeup Geek or Coastal Scents eyeshadows? If so, which shades do you own? Let me know in the comments below.

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