June 2014 Playlist

June 2014 Playlist
Summer is now here and despite the fact that it's my least favorite season, I still want to make the most of it. I got the idea for this playlist from seeing the San Diego bay whenever I drive up to the train station to either go up to see my boyfriend or pick him up. I may not like the beach too much but the bay is another thing. There's something about seeing these tall buildings right next to the water that I just really love. To me summer is fun, carefree, and chill so I made a playlist that would reflect exactly that.

When I made this playlist I wanted it to be the perfect summer playlist for hanging out with friends, riding a bike, driving around the city, or going to the beach. What I tried to do with this playlist was start off on a fun note, then drift into some eclectic Latin music, move onto the relaxing tracks, and end on a bittersweet note which is kind of what happens during summer. Hope you enjoy this playlist which celebrates what summer is all about (well to me at least).
What was your favorite song from the playlist? Let me know in the comments below. Also share your favorite summer songs in the comments, I'd love to know which song you've been listening to.

Happy listening!

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