MAC x Lorde Pure Heroine Lipstick

MAC x Lorde Pure Heroine Lipstick
When I first heard about the MAC x Lorde collaboration I got super excited! I don't consider myself Lorde's #1 fan but I do enjoy her and her music quite a bit. I admire people that are opinionated and boy is she opinionated! I also find that her style is very unique and minimal- you won't get a lot of frills and color with Lorde. I'm not going to lie though, I was a bit disappointed with the collaboration because it only has two products: a lipstick and a liquid eyeliner (which is in the permanent collection). Since I don't have any purple lipsticks I decided to go ahead and pick up Pure Heroine which is a beautiful purple shade.

MAC x Lorde Pure Heroine
MAC x Lorde Pure Heroine Lipstick
Pure Heroine is described as a deep plum in MAC's website, but in normal everyday terms I would just refer to this as a deep purple. It is not a terribly dark shade, I find that it looks much darker in the promo shots than it is straight from the tube. In the promotional shots the lipstick looked like a very intense dark purple but it looks a lot more vibrant in person. Pure Heroine has an amplified formula which is moisturizing and long-lasting. The formula is supposed to stand somewhere in between the matte and amplified creme formula. Amplified lipsticks are not as glossy as an amplified creme, but they're certainly a lot more moisturizing than a matte lipstick.

I personally like that Pure Heroine is a dark but vibrant plum shade because the vibrancy makes it summer appropriate, but the darkness is definitely very fall/winter friendly. The lipstick is semi-opaque in my opinion and needs to be layered in order to get an even coat. With one swipe you'll get something that doesn't look very smooth, but if you go over it you'll get the color in the second swatch and what's on my lips. The lipstick does have translucency which means that it can provide you with a lot of versatility.  If I remember correctly the MAC makeup artist said that he uses a combination of Pure Heroine and Cyber (a blackish purple) to get Lorde's signature dark purple lips. I know the opacity level might bother some people but I personally like that this color can be changed by simply using a darker lip liner or lipstick.

If you're into purple shades (or are a big fan of Lorde) then I would recommend picking up Pure Heroine. I instantly fell in love with this color because it just brightened up my complexion and made my brown eyes pop. If you have a fair complexion then this is definitely going to highlight that in a good way! The lipstick is extremely comfortable on the lips and also lasted me a good 4 hours. Even after eating I could see the majority of the lipstick still there which was pretty impressive. This shade also makes your teeth look much whiter in case you were wondering.

MAC's Pure Heroine retails for $16 and can be found at As far as I know this isn't sold at MAC stores or counters which is a bummer.
MAC Pure Heroine
Lorde Lipstick
Are you a fan of this lipstick or purple lipstick in general? Let me know in the comments below. Also bonus question, what's your favorite Lorde song? Mine is Team.

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