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Jordana Blush Powder
Jordana is one of the drugstore makeup brands that is so incredibly underrated. There isn't anything flashy about the brand- no fancy packaging, no celebrity spokesperson, or elaborate displays. This is a brand that can be found in the smallest areas in select Walgreens and Kmart locations. If you're anything like me, then you have probably walked by Jordana plenty of times because nothing really stands out. There are some amazing hidden gems in their collection and today I want to introduce you to their blushes.

Jordana Blush Powder review
The Jordana Blush Powders come in 29 shades and 3 finishes (matte, pearl, and shimmer) but at Kmart I was only able to find about 7 shades. I first heard about the Jordana Blush Powders thanks to Coco from The Beauty Milk and ever since reading her review I've been wanting to try out the blushes for myself. Let me tell you, the blush is incredible!

According to Jordana their Blush Powders have a velvety-smooth formula that blends easily and I have to say that they really described their product perfectly. The formula is incredibly soft and blendable for a drugstore powder blush, I think these are even softer than NYX blushes. The blush doesn't have intense pigmentation like let's say an Illamasqua blush, but it builds up very nicely if you want something a bit more noticeable.

I picked up the shade 18 Touch of Pink which is a beautiful matte coral shade. I absolutely love how natural it looks on the skin, it creates this beautiful glow despite being a matte blush. I do have to say that the wear-time isn't particularly the best, but I think it performs just as well as any drugstore blush. I'd say the blush starts to fade about 3-4 hours after applying due to my oily skin.

Now for the things I don't like about the Jordana Blush Powders... the first thing that stands out is the packaging. The packaging looks very cheap and reminds me of the makeup I would buy as a kid. More and more drugstore brands are stepping up their game when it comes to packaging and Jordana products just look very dated. You have their amazing 12-HR Eyeliners that look a lot like Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners and then you have this clunky reflective pot. The packaging doesn't make me want to display it, instead I'm looking forward to depotting the blush into a palette. 

Another thing that stands out is the shade selection, as I said there are 29 shades but all of them look extremely similar. There's just way too many pinks and peachy shades in the collection in my honest opinion. As I said earlier there were only about 7 shades available at Kmart and all of them looked the same so picking a blush was tough. I wished there was a little more variation but 29 shades is still very impressive. 

Overall I am extremely happy with the Jordana Blush Powder and I would highly recommend them. They are soft, pigmented, and extremely affordable. These are cheaper than the ELF Studio Blushes and NYX Blushes and a lot better in my opinion. Yes, the packaging is outdated but the product itself is definitely a neutral girl's dream come true. 

The Jordana Blush Powder retails for $2.49 and can be found at Walgreens, Kmart, and online at and Cherry Culture.
Jordana Blush Powder
Have you tried out the Jordana Blush Powders? If so, which shades do you own? Let me know in the comments below.

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