Top 5 Fragrances for Summer

Top 5 Fragrances for Summer
I don't know if you may know this, but apart from being a lipstick and nail polish addict I am also a perfume addict. I love collecting perfume, showering myself in perfume, and also smelling perfumes every time I go into a store. Yes, I'm that girl spritzing a bunch of those paper things at Sephora. For this latest top 5 I'm going to share with you some of my favorites fragrances for the summer. I tried my best to a nice variety of scents and also price range because I know a $70 bottle of perfume isn't exactly affordable.

Fragrances for Summer
Coach Poppy Eau de Parfum, $85
I was never a Coach girl in my life so I never would have thought to pick up this perfume. I received this perfume on my 23rd birthday and I've loved it ever since. To me this is a very fun and feminine fragrance because of the citrus and floral notes. Apart from having light notes such cucumber flower petals, mandarin, baby freesia, jasmine, gardenia, and rose this perfume also has woodsy undertones which linger on your skin longer. This is one of the scents I would recommend for day to night usage because it's light enough for daytime but the rich cedarwood and sandalwood undertones make it sensual enough for the nighttime. The perfume is available in a variety of prices to suit every budget.

Yves Rocher Naturelle Eau de Toilette, $25
I received this for free in my last Yves Rocher purchase because I went over $40 and I'm so glad this was included because it smells so nice. To me Naturelle is a light and fresh scent, it's one of those scents that you instantly feel clean when you spritz it on. One of the notes that I can immediately recognize is green apple and then I can also smell some of the floral notes. Naturelle has green apple, Egyptian jasmine, peach blossom, and hints of Virginian cedar, amber, and musk. The scent is also composed of 90% natural ingredients, so if you're someone seeking for a more natural and fresh scent then this would be a pretty nice option.

L'Occitane Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette, $75
This is one of the best floral scents I've ever come across on. When I wear this I imagine strolling around in a field of flowers, although that would be a nightmare in reality because I'm scared of bees. I was introduced to this scent at Lucky Fabb and it was love at first sniff. Néroli & Orchidée is definitely a very sophisticated and feminine scent, I imagine someone who is very poised wearing a scent like this. Apart from the two main notes which are the neroli and white orchid flowers, this fragrance also has a light orange and peach notes. If you're someone that really loves aromatic flower scents then this is certainly one to check out.

Bath & Body Works White Citrus Fine Fragrance Mist, $14
If you love citrus scents then this is the mother of all citrus scents. This is an invigorating scent that features lemon zest, grapefruit, and tangerine as its top notes. I bought this years ago at a Bath & Body Works outlet location (hence the different packaging) and I'm already more than halfway through the bottle. When I feel like I need to be energized I just spritz this on and the lemon zest just helps me wake up a bit. It unfortunately doesn't last as long on the skin since it is essentially a body spray but there is a full line of products from body wash to moisturizer that could help prolong the staying power of White Citrus. If you're into straight up citrus scents then this one is a very affordable option for your collection.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana White Eau de Parfum, $75
When I saw a deluxe sample of the Nirvana White as one of the Sephora Beauty Insider perks I decided to give it a go. In case you've been living in Mars, Elizabeth and James is one of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's luxe fashion lines. Nirvana Black and White are their first two perfumes under the Elizabeth and James umbrella. Nirvana White is also a floral scent but it doesn't smell as organic as the Néroli & Orchidée because it does have some depth to it. This scent features lighter notes such as peony and muguet but what gives it the depth is the musk. I find that this scent is very sophisticated and effortless. This perfume is also available in a variety of prices to suit every budget.

And that's it for this blog post! I now have two arms smelling like five different perfumes, but thankfully they all just smell nice in unison.

I really hope you enjoyed my first blog post about perfumes. If you enjoyed this please let me know in the comments below because I have more perfumes I can blog about. But I'd love to know what your favorite perfume for summer is! Please share your top picks for summer in the comments below.

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