Growing Out My Pixie Cut- Month 4

Growing Out A Pixie Cut
I refuse to believe that is has been four months since I decided to grow out my hair. It's crazy how fast time has gone by since I started documenting my hair growth. And talking about hair growth there was a lot of that going on this past month! I now get to start wearing hair clips and I can even tie the back section of my hair into a little ponytail. This whole growing out process has been pretty fun to be honest, I know a lot of girls have hated the process but I've become really fascinated with hair growth.

Growing Out My Pixie Cut
Growing Out A Pixie Cut
Growing Out A Pixie Cut
Month 3 and month 4 side by side. Apart from the fact that my hair is much curlier, you can also see significant hair growth around the ears and in the back. In fact I'm actually surprised that my hair looks similar to month 3 because when my hair curls up it loses some of the length.
Growing Out My Hair
Here's month 1 compared to month 4. Look at the length and the texture! This trips me out, I didn't expect my hair to grow out that quickly.

Thank you so much for watching the 4th update in this "growing out my pixie" series.

If you're growing out your pixie let me know how things are going for you! I'd love to know.

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