Warby Parker | Jasper Marine Slate

Warby Parker Jasper Marine Slate
I'm going to begin another round of Warby Parker blog posts! If you're new to my blog, I've taken various pictures of me wearing Warby Parker frames in the past so people can have an easier time choosing a frame to purchase or add to their home try-on box. You can check out all the blog posts here. I'm going to kick off round 4 of Warby Parker posts with the sunglasses I just bought. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Jasper!

Jasper Marine Slate
Warby Parker Jasper
The Jasper frames are very flattering round frames with a keyhole bridge. The Jasper frames are inspired by one of Warby Parker's most popular frames, the Fillmore. I find that the Jasper have a very classic look to them but then Marine Slate color makes them look fresh and modern. The frame color has various shades of blue but none are obnoxious so I can't see the glasses clashing with any outfits. Although the frames are rounded I found that they didn't make my features look even more round than they already are. I think the elongated edges create some balance because the other round frames I tried on definitely enhanced my round face.

In case you didn't know I ended up getting the Jasper Marine Slate sunglasses! Thank you so much for voting for these. I am very happy I ended up with the Jasper because they classic, modern, and practical. I can easily wear them on a casual day out or take them along with me to a music festival (which I'm planning to do). These are overall a perfect fit for me!
Warby Parker Jasper Marine Slate
The Jasper frames retail for $95 without a prescription and $150 with prescription.

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