August 2014 Favorites

August 2014 Favorites
I am back with another monthly favorites and the third video of this week! What can I say? I had a lot of catching up to do and I still do with over 100 videos in my YouTube "watch later" playlist and over a thousand blog posts in my Bloglovin' feed. I'll eventually get through everything but today I'm just going to be focusing on a few products that I kept using over and over this past month. I have some amazing Tarte products that I'm going to be raving about in this video and also a very inexpensive concealer that might be "holy grail" status.

August 2014 Playlist

August Playlist
It's time for yet another playlist! This month's playlist doesn't really have a theme like my past ones. I just grouped some new releases and threw them all in one kick ass playlist. There's a little bit of everything in playlist! There's some dance music, some experimental stuff, and even some more mellow songs. If you're looking to some new music then this is certainly the playlist for you! If you've never heard of anyone in this playlist just take a listen, you never know you might find someone that you really enjoy.

Growing Out My Pixie Cut- Month 5

Growing Out My Pixie Cut
First let me start off with the most obvious thing- yes, the blog got a complete makeover. I'm no HTML wizard so I finally gave in and bought a blogger template yesterday. I spent the majority of the day tweaking the blog and also coming up with new banners for everything from Twitter to YouTube. I'm still going to be working on the blog, but so far I'm in love with the way it looks. As for my hair, it's been five months since I decided to grow my pixie cut out. My hair has been the curliest it's ever been in my life so I've started to incorporate some new hair products into my hair routine. If you want to hear more about how my hair is doing just keep on reading.

Review | Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream review
I've never had good luck with drugstore BB creams until recently. When I first heard that Maybelline was coming up with a new BB cream meant for acne prone skin I immediately became intrigued despite my rocky past with Maybelline BB creams. The last time I tried a Maybelline BB cream I ended up looking like an Oompa Loompa by the middle of the day and the lightest shade just wasn't light enough for me. This time around things were a lot different and I've been really enjoying the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream which has ended up in a few videos and Instagram posts. 

Review | PMD Personal Microderm

I love trying out beauty gadgets so when I got asked to review the PMD I became ecstatic. I had heard so much about the PMD so I was super excited to put it to the test. I have oily and acne prone skin, so I often have to deal with dark acne scars on my fair skin. Apart from acne, my skin was also very bumpy which is hard to tell in videos but it does come across in pictures sometimes. The PMD offers professional microdermabrasion results at a very affordable price. So if you're interested in learning more about the PMD and see how it works just stay tuned for the video.

The Boyfriend Tag

If you're a new follower I would like to introduce you to my boyfriend in this newest tag video. His name is Orlando and we met when we studied abroad in Paris 3 years ago. We're a very silly couple who loves to go out to eat and argue about Madonna vs. Cyndi Lauper. In this tag video you'll find out a little more about us, including some really random things like what our favorite cereal is. What can I say? Sometimes YouTube tags are incredibly random.

Warby Parker | Ellison Marbled Sandstone

Warby Parker Ellison Marbled Sandstone
Here is the fourth Warby Parker blog post recapping all the sunglasses I got to try! If you're new to my blog, I've taken various pictures of me wearing Warby Parker frames in the past so people can have an easier time choosing a frame to purchase or add to their home try-on box. You can check out all the blog posts here. In this Warby Parker post I'll be talking about the very modern Ellison frames!

Outside Lands 2014

Outside Lands 2014
Music festivals for me are like religious gatherings. It's a place to celebrate music, discover new artists, and reminisce about the past. Last year I attended the Outside Lands music festival for the first time and fell in love with the festival. This year some of the acts who performed at Outside Lands were The Killers, Haim, Chromeo, Death Cab for Cutie, the Flaming Lips, and Tom Petty. I had an amazing time up in San Francisco and I would like to share some of the pictures I took at the music festival. There will also be a vlog later on this week, but first let me tell you a little about my second year at Outside Lands.

Top 5 Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes

Top 5 Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes
I'm back! Well... sort of. I had originally planned for this video to go up on the first day of Outside Lands but I didn't get the time to edit it at the airport and the wifi at the hotel wasn't fast enough to upload a YouTube video. Then when I got back home I got a cold so I decided to take last week off to recover, but now I am back with a new top 5! Drugstore eyeshadow palettes have come a long way, I still remember when the shadows were powdery and very hard to work with. Nowadays drugstore eyeshadow palettes are soft, pigmented, and still very affordable. These are my favorite drugstore eyeshadow palettes that can easily be found at the drugstore. 

Warby Parker | Madison Whiskey Tortoise

Warby Parker Madison Whiskey Tortoise
Here is the third Warby Parker blog post recapping all the sunglasses I got to try! If you're new to my blog, I've taken various pictures of me wearing Warby Parker frames in the past so people can have an easier time choosing a frame to purchase or add to their home try-on box. You can check out all the blog posts here. In this Warby Parker post I'll be talking about the very wearable Madison frames!

Nails of the Day | Black & White

Formula X ASAP 5 Finger Real Nail Lacquer Appliqués
In my last Sephora haul I showed these really cool nail stickers I got from the Formula X range. The last time I used nail stickers was when I left to study abroad and that was a good 3 years ago, so it's been a while. I remember when the Sally Hansen nail stickers were a much buzzed about product but then the buzz went away and more brands started making nail stickers. I recently tried out a Formula X nail polish and was super impressed by it that I just had to try out their nail stickers. This particular pattern stood out to me as something I wanted to have on for Outside Lands, so I decided to apply them just for the festival.

Music Festival Makeup Bag

Music Festival Makeup Bag
It's time for me to pack up some of my beauty arsenal and take them along with me to San Francisco. And yes, this is me packing light. When it comes to makeup I will usually take a lot on a trip because I like having options, but this time I'm just taking things that are practical. I would like to state that Outside Lands is not Coachella, the weather is much cooler and it's not held in the desert so I feel like I can get away with more makeup there. The products that I'm taking along with me are easy to use, multitasking, and compact. I'm going to stop talking now and present you my music festival makeup bag.

Face of the Day | Easy Breezy

Face of the Day Easy Breezy
Not going to lie, I've been lacking in the creativity department recently. I just have a lot of my mind and not enough energy to be creative on the blog. Yesterday when I woke up for work I felt like I desperately needed some color in my life. I used an eyeshadow that I've only worn one and even wore my fun necklace. Hopefully things will pick up creatively once Outside Lands is over but for the meantime here's my latest face of the day post.

Sunkissed Summer Tag

Sunkissed Summer Tag
My friend Siri from Norway recently tagged me to film the Sunkissed Summer Tag! While I'm not the biggest fan of summer I still decided to film this tag because it's a really fun tag. There's a lot of summer related questions, product recommendations, and two ice cream flavors that I would die to have. There's a little bit of everything all wrapped up into one little tag video.