Makeup Swap with Sarah S

Makeup Swap with Sarah S
I have another makeup swap to share with you! Today I have a UK-USA makeup swap with my friend Sarah who lives in England. I sent her some of my favorite drugstore makeup that she either can't get or is hard to find in England, and she sent me some British and European products that I can't find here. Not only was I super excited when I was opening the package but I went a little swatch crazy, so you'll have to go watch the video to find out what I got from Sarah.

Check out what Sarah sent me!
Check out Sarah's blog post to see what I sent her.

Thank you so much for everything, Sarah! I really loved everything you sent me and already wore some of the products yesterday when I went to work. Make sure to check out Sarah's upcoming YouTube channel and her blog, she's going to begin blogging and making videos very soon. Also I want to share Sarah's intersectional feminist podcast Not All Women which my boyfriend is a huge fan of.

Have you tried any of the products in this video? If so, which ones? 

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