October 2014 Playlist

October 2014 Playlist
This month's playlist is going to be unlike any other playlist so far. This will be the very first playlist that has very few words, or in other hand it's entirely composed of instrumentals. Sometimes songs don't need any words to convey emotions or story. Then there are other times that you just want to find the perfect soundtrack to your own movie- don't pretend like you've never imagined yourself as the star of your own movie when you listen to music. Whether you just want to relax or let your imagination go wild, this is the playlist for you.

You may not know this but my favorite song of all-time is actually an instrumental which is included in this month's playlist. I first heard Veridis Quo by Daft Punk as a child when I stayed up late watching Insterstella 5555 on Cartoon Network. Some Daft Punk fans interpret this as a sad song, but whenever I listen to it I just drift away to a serene state of mind. Apart from Daft Punk, it seems like other French musicians are big fans of instrumentals. Phoenix is a band which has included one instrumental song in every single album they've released, and they are known for playing them at their concerts. My favorite Phoenix instrumental has so be Congratulations, a very unknown song from their most underrated album. The song may be the shortest track on this playlist but that song became the perfect song to describe how I felt during one of my many transitional periods.

The beauty of instrumental songs is that there are no right/wrong answers. The listener can create their own meaning to the song or even come up with an original story.
What are some of your favorite instrumental songs? Leave the links in the comments below.

Happy listening!

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