Growing Out My Pixie Cut- Month 8

Growing Out My Pixie Cut
We have now arrived to month #8 of the growing out my pixie journey and my hair is still wild. By now I've surpassed my ideal hair length which means that I desperately need to cut it. It's been funny to see everyone around me notice how long my hair has grown. My co-workers will sometimes just tell me out of the blue how long my hair has gotten since I started working with them. I never knew that my hair grows this quickly because I always assumed that I wasn't patient enough to grow out my hair. I cannot emphasize how many times I failed to grow out my bangs, so for me to grow out everything is sort of a big deal to me. In this latest update I'm going to show you how my hair currently looks and also share two new hair products that have been working really well with my hair.

Growing Out A Pixie Cut
Hello hair growth! Here's my hair on month #1 and now! First of all, I'm impressed that I nailed the pose. Second, the hair around my neck looks crazy. Third, I am starting to get really pale (and I like it).
Growing Out A Pixie Cut
Are you ready for another crazy before and after? Look at this one! This is month #2 and month #8 side by side. As I mentioned before the hair in the back is just very long and the fact that it looks longer than the rest of my hair is bothering me at this point.
Growing Out My Pixie Cut
The changes between last month and this month isn't drastic but you can see how that back layer is almost at my shoulders now. My bangs have also grown a little but since they're wavy you can't notice the change much in this picture.
That back portion of my hair is bothering me once again. Look at it! So long, rebellious, and curly. I feel like it's teasing my bangs at this point. "Look how long I am," that's what I imagine the back portion saying to my bangs. Basically the back portion is a jerk.
Thank you so much for watching this latest installment of my "growing out my pixie" series.

If you're growing out your pixie (or hair in general) please let me know how you're doing! I would love to know.

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