Walmart Fall Beauty Box

Walmart Fall Beauty Box
The beauty boxes trend seems like it's not going to die anytime soon. By now we have a box for nearly everything so it's not surprising that the big chain stores want to get into the subscription box game. I first heard about the Walmart Beauty Box a few months ago when I saw Emily Noel's video about the service. She seemed pleased with the box so I decided to go ahead and purchase my own subscription. What really interested me about this subscription box was that I would be able to try out more affordable products that I can easily go to the store to pick up. As much as I love trying out new brands sometimes it's hard to find a physical store where you can go and see more of their products, so that's why I think the Walmart Beauty Box is an amazing concept.

Walmart Beauty Box
The Walmart Beauty Box is only $5 for shipping, which means that the box is technically free. The box is sent quarterly so you'll only be spending $20 a year on the subscription, making it one of the most affordable ones out there. Each box comes with over $20 worth of full-sized products and samples which is why I believe that this is a steal.
Hope you enjoy the Walmart Beauty Box unboxing!

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