Minimal Jewelry

Minimal Jewelry
You may or may not know that my style has been changing in the recent year and I've been embracing a more minimal style. As much as I love a good statement necklace once in a while, I personally prefer very dainty pieces for everyday use. In this blog post I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite places to get some minimal jewelry. If you're more of a silver girl then you can find similar items in silver but as a gold lover the majority of products will be gold.

Minimal Jewelry
Untamed Menagerie brass bangle | Urban Outfitters costume ring
Minimal Jewelry
Untamed Menagerie gold filled arc earring | Body Candy helix and stud
Minimal Jewelry
Untamed Menagerie
I first heard about the shop Untamed Menagerie on Etsy through Petrilude's channel back in 2009. Back then the small Etsy shop focused on whimsical statement necklaces and earrings that had designs inspired by Alice in Wonderland and animals. Nowadays they do much more minimal jewelry which is definitely right up my alley. The shop has everything from hammered bangles to very simple earrings at a fantastic price. Minimal jewelry for some reason is very pricey, but Untamed Menagerie offers styles such as arc earrings and simple studs at an affordable price. Untamed Menagerie works with sterling silver, gold filled, and brass. The shop is currently closed for the rest of December but definitely favorite their shop so you can check them out in January.

Urban Outfitters
I have a love/hate relationship with costume jewelry. I love how accessible costume jewelry is but the quality is very poor, so nowadays I'm justifying spending a bit more for a quality product. That being said, if you don't have the budget for a $40+ ring or earrings then costume jewelry is the way to go. Urban Outfitters has everything from sterling silver bar studs to a simple initial necklace. The particular ring that I purchased is only $10 and it gives the illusion of stacking three rings, I would recommend painting a coat of topcoat to make the gold last longer.

Body Candy
If you're a fan of body jewelry then Body Candy is the way to go. The amount of affordable earrings and accessories is incredible, even a bit overwhelming at times. While the store has a mix of everything, I found that they have a really good selection of basic and minimal styles. Be mindful that you need to know the gauge of your earring when buying on their website, the smaller the number the bigger the diameter will be. A higher gauge like 18 or 20 will be much thinner in diameter than a 6 gauge. The studs I have are the 16 gauge rose gold and the helix hoop is the 20 gauge gold captive ring.

I hope you found this blog post helpful. I would love to know where you buy your jewelry! Let me know your favorite places to buy jewelry in the comments below.

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