The Art of Holiday by Paul Mitchell

The Art of Holiday
In my family I'm the one that always gives beauty related gifts and with Christmas just a few days I thought I would shade some great gift ideas. A month ago I became a Paul Mitchell Insider which means that I get access to their new collections and get to share them with all of you. Gift sets make incredible gifts for the holidays because the give the recipient the chance to test out a few products at a great price. There's a total of 13 gift sets by Paul Mitchell this holiday season and the best part of all is that you won't be breaking the bank. I'm talking about a complete gift for less than $30 and with every set purchased you will be supporting the Boys and Girls Club of America. With the release of The Art of Holiday I'm going to be recording a holiday hair tutorial and also hosting a little Instagram giveaway.

The Art of Curls
The first gift set that Paul Mitchell sent me was "The Art of Curls." All the gift sets come with three products and a free travel tote with watercolor artwork by Australian illustrator, Sarah Hankinson. This particular gift set has the Spring Loaded Frizz-Fighting Shampoo, the Spring Loaded Frizz-Fighting Conditioner, and the Curls Ultimate Wave. I'm so excited that Paul Mitchell sent me this particular set since I'm all about my naturally curly hair nowadays. I swear my life now revolves around my curly hair and products that promise to enhance my curls. #allaboutthecurls
The Art of Classic
The next gift set that I was sent is "The Art of Classic." This gift set has the Original Shampoo One, The Conditioner, and the 80% Fast Drying Sculpting Spray. The original formula is meant to gently cleanse and condition your hair. This hairspray is probably the best item in this set since it doesn't leave your hair crunchy. The spray keeps your hair flexible and shiny so it would be perfect candidate for any updo or voluminous holiday waves. I'll definitely be showing you how to use this hairspray in an upcoming tutorial.
Paul Mitchell
This is not a gift set, but when I joined the Paul Mitchell Insiders I was asked about the things I wanted to try and these were it. I have been so intrigued by their Tea Tree range ever since I smelled the Lavender Mint shampoo at Ulta and I'm finally going to get to try them out. I'm so excited to finally have both of these products to try out, you will definitely see a review on them real soon.
The Art of Rejuvenation
And this is what I'll be giving away! "The Art of Rejuvenation" includes the Tea Tree Special Shampoo, Conditioner, and the Firm Hold Gel. The gel is unlike other gels because it is flake-free and can be applied to wet or dry hair, plus is has that refreshing tea tree scent which I'm personally a fan of. To enter the giveaway you must go to my Instagram account: @lauraneuzeth. This is going to be a quick international giveaway so make sure to participate as soon as you see the post! 

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! Be on the look out for the holiday hair tutorial that I will be recording real soon and best of luck to everyone that enters the giveaway.

Are you a fan of gift sets? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Paul Mitchell sent me all the items, including the giveaway prize. I am not being paid to write this blog post or to host the giveaway. The Paul Mitchell Insiders program is just a way for me to know what is going on in the Paul Mitchell world. All thoughts are my own and there are no affiliate links in this blog post. All sets can be found at your local Ulta store as well.

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