December 2015 Favorites

December 2015 Favorites
The time has come to share my very last favorites video of 2015. I honestly can't believe how fast this year has gone by and within a few hours we're going to be in 2016. I feel like I'm not ready for a new year to begin, but before I say goodbye to 2015 I want to share with you my standout and most used products in the month of December. There's certainly a few holy grail products in my last favorites video that you won't want to miss. Some of these products might even pop up in my "Top 15 of 2015" video that I'll be recording and uploading in January. If that's not enough to entice you to click on this post, I don't know what will.

Outfit of the Day | Scarf Weather

Outfit of the Day | Scarf Weather
Can you believe that it's gotten so cold that I've had take out my scarves? Yeah, me neither. Although our winters here in San Diego are pretty darn weak when compared to what I experienced while I was studying in Paris, when you experience hot weather almost all year long a 30º F drop makes a huge difference. While it's not cold enough for a thick coat, I have gotten the opportunity to wear my thick burnt orange colored snood I purchased while I was in Paris! I've also been on a serious beanie and boots kick lately and the ones that I'm wearing happen to be from the men's section. Maybe shopping in the men's department won't work for every woman, but if you happen to have big feet and a big head (or lots of hair) then you might want to rethink visiting the men's section without your significant other.

December 2015 Ipsy Bag and Walmart Beauty Box

It's that time again, time to open up subscription boxes. This video is a bit different to others because I'll be opening two different subscription services in one video. The winter Walmart Beauty Box arrived not too long ago and it happened to be the box with the most samples and coupons that I've received from them. And then we have my very last Ipsy bag, which happened to also be the best one they sent me all year. I'm not too sad though because starting January I'll be opening Birchbox boxes on my channel!

100% Drugstore Holiday Makeup

100% Drugstore Holiday Makeup
Here's my second holiday look of the season. For today's look I created a green smokey eye for the holidays using nothing but drugstore makeup. Everything from the brow product to the actual brushes used are incredible affordable, and many can be found at your local drugstore. In my regular tutorials I tend to use a combination of drugstore and high-end makeup, so it felt so nice creating something entirely out of drugstore makeup. This more dramatic makeup is perfect for more glam Christmas dinners, or you can wear it with to your family's dinner if you happen to like smokey eyes. I really loved how this look turned out and I really hope that you do as well.

Asian Beauty Haul

Asian Beauty Haul
I've been wanting to try out Asian beauty and skincare products for the longest time, but it took me a while to find an online store that had both reasonably prices and shipping. During a quick YouTube search I came across a video by an Asian beauty blogger residing in the UK and she recommended an eBay store which I immediately fell in love with. The eBay store has a great array of Asian skincare and beauty products that are priced very well, and the best thing is that the shipping is quite quick and completely free. Apart from ordering a few skincare and beauty products, I also purchased some more brushes from one of my favorite eBay shops.

trèStiQue Review + Tutorial

trèStiQue Review + Tutorial
If you're subscribed to Ipsy then you've most likely tried or have heard of trèStiQue. The brand was founded with the idea of making makeup simple and quick for everyday use. All of their products come in very innovative and multi-functional packaging that are perfect for the woman on the go. As much as I love playing with makeup, I appreciate when brands cater to the everyday woman who doesn't want to spend hours just to get ready. In today's post and video I'm going to be introducing more products from the trèStiQue makeup range, as well as showing you how they apply on my face.

Outfit of the Day | My Favorite Sweater

Outfit of the Day | My Favorite Sweater
Do you want to know how excited I am that it finally cooled down in San Diego? I am THIS excited! I have been waiting for the weather to cool down and we're finally experiencing 43ºF (6ºC) weather, which means that I can now update my capsule wardrobe and pull out all my sweaters. My favorite piece in my closet for the past few weeks has been this oversized green sweater from Zara that I picked up at one of their sales about two years ago. The sweater had been worn maybe two times after it was purchased, but I think I've easily worn it five times since the weather started cooling down a few weeks ago. Chunky oversized sweaters are definitely not for everyone since they don't enhance your body, but if you're a fan of the oversized trend then you'll love this. Plus it's cozy AF!

Holiday Makeup

Holiday Makeup
I'm finally getting around to uploading my very first holiday look and this one features a lot of my high-end favorites, so you'll finally get to see a few of them used on a video. I was requested to do a tutorial based on the look I'm wearing in my profile picture on social media, and that's exactly what you'll see today. I made sure to use all the same products that I used when I first took pictures with this look. This makeup up is not your typical holiday makeup, I actually consider it a modern take on it. We're going to be using a lot of cool toned eyeshadows and a very deep red lip color.

Review | Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara Review
Today we're going to be talking about mascara! It seems like mascara is one of my favorite makeup products to review, and that's because I don't mess around when it comes to mascara. In my last Ipsy bag I received a sample size Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara and I wasted no time to test it out. This is Smashbox's cult mascara that is used in pretty much every single one of their YouTube makeup tutorials. The Full Exposure Mascara is meant to not only volumize and lengthen the lashes, but it was also designed to be layered which is something that professional makeup artists often do.

Luxury Products Worth the Splurge

Luxury Products Worth the Splurge
For the longest time, luxury products were uncharted territory for me. Slowly but surely I've dabbled into more pricey items and let me tell you, there's something about them that make me feel like a million bucks. While luxury products aren't a necessity, you get a very high quality product and something that looks absolutely stunning when displayed. In my latest video I'm going to be sharing my all-time favorite luxury products that are definitely worth the splurge. I have a hair product, skincare product, fragrances, a brush, and some makeup bits. The video was in collaboration with two of my greatest YouTube friends, Jonathan Curtis and Will Cook. If you want to hear about even more luxury products that are worth the splurge, then don't forget to check out their videos.

DIY Yarn Ornaments

DIY Yarn Ornaments
It's been almost 2 years since my last holiday DIY but today we're going to do another one! In this video you're going to be learning how to make some unique ornaments out of yarn. This project is a very easy one that the whole family can do together, even kids can get in on the ornament making action. The materials needed for this DIY are also very affordable, so you can definitely make enough ornaments to fill up your family's Christmas tree.

December Nights at Balboa Park

On the first weekend of December, Balboa Park transforms itself into a winter wonderland. December Nights is an annual 3-day festival that brings people together to celebrate the holidays, history, culture, and joy. As part of the festivities, the museums at Balboa Park are free of charge and there's also a lot of other free activities for the whole family to enjoy. December Nights is by far my favorite time to visit Balboa Park, so I grabbed my mom and we went to the festival to check out all the beautiful holiday decor. It was crazy packed as usual, but we got to do some different things this year like ride one of the fair rides and take a selfie with the giant Christmas tree!

First Impression | LOC (Love of Color) by Tati

LOC (Love of Color) by Tati
If you don't know about Tati of Glam Life Guru, then what are you doing? In my opinion she's the most honest and trustworthy YouTube beauty vloggers out there. If you need an opinion about a new product from the drugstore or Sephora, then Tati is your go-to girl. With an incredible work ethic and an encyclopedia worth of beauty knowledge, it's no surprise that she finally came out with a range of beauty products. LOC (Love of Color) is Birchbox's first in house makeup line, and for the launch they teamed up with Tati to create a range of products that perform like luxury makeup but are incredibly affordable. Since I'm a huge fan of Tati I decided to pick up the Royal Flush Clutch Collection so I could get the chance to try out a little bit of everything and tell you what I think about her LOC (Love of Color) collection.

Nails of the Day | Rose Gold

butter LONDON x Allure Nail Lacquer in I'm On The List
Seems like my love for rose gold isn't going anywhere soon. While I'm not much of a pink girl myself, I can definitely enjoy a pale pink with warm yellow undertones since it isn't as in-your-face like a Barbie pink or a fuschia. A rose gold nail polish can give your nails a subtle feminine feel and this color from the Allure and butter LONDON fall collaboration is by far the best rose gold polish that I've tried. This has a lovely blush color and a metallic finish that doesn't look gaudy whatsoever.

Minimal Makeup

Minimal Makeup
If you follow me on Snapchat, then you've seen me sport this look a few times recently. As much as I love makeup, sometimes I just want to apply as little makeup as possible to my face. Hey, we all have our lazy days! And I know that there's some of you who don't wear a ton of makeup on a daily basis, so this video is for you. In today's video I'm going to show you my very basic minimal makeup routine and show you some of my go-to products. This is a look that requires less 10 products and about 5 minutes of your day. 

November 2015 Favorites

This month's favorites is a bit different to my others because I feel like it has the most variety. There's  everything from makeup products to documentaries that I enjoyed watching. Yes, this is certainly not your standard favorites video. After last month's skincare and hair testing disasters I found some amazing gems that managed to save both my skin and hair. If you have frizzy curly/wavy hair, then you will really want to pay attention. Also, a thing that I completely forgot to mention in the video is that in the month of December I plan to record 3-4 videos per week! Consider it my version of Vlogmas.

Review | Zim's Max Crack Creme Creamy Daytime Formula

Like many of you I happen to get dry skin during the fall and winter. My hands can often feel rough to the touch, and don't even get me started on my elbows and feet. While I can get away with being a little careless with moisturizing my skin during the summer, I definitely can't neglect my skin when the air is dry and cold. Over a year ago I reviewed the Zim's Advanced Crack Creme and I referred to it as "a miracle in a tube," so when I was asked if I wanted to give their Creamy Daytime Formula a try I just couldn't say no. Based on my previous experience I knew going in that I was going to enjoy this product, but will this become my go-to winter lotion? And how does it compare to the Advanced Crack Creme?

Cyber Monday Beauty Deals

Online shoppers, today is our day! In this post you'll find the best Cyber Monday beauty deals, coupons, and also the Ebates cash back rate. If you're not a member of Ebates, then you have to quickly register so you can earn cash back on your Cyber Monday purchases. I advise you to take out your credit cards because there's some great beauty deals coming your way.

Top 5 Lipsticks for Winter + Dupes

 Top 5 Lipsticks for Winter
With winter approaching I thought this would be the perfect time to take out the shades that have been getting lots of love lately and share them with you guys! This was a video that was requested over on my Spanish channel and being the lipstick lover that I am, I just couldn't say no. Some of my picks are high-end, but don't you worry because I got you covered! I dug through my whole lipstick collection and managed to find some dupes or some extremely similar shades. There's a bit for any type of girl, so I hope you enjoy today's video.

Small Business Saturday 2015

Now that we've all done some damage on Black Friday, it's time to go out and support the local business in your community. Having previously worked for a small business that sold items from various small businesses in San Diego, I quickly developed a real passion for Small Business Saturday. In this post I'm going to be sharing a few Small Business Saturdays deals, as well as some cool online and Etsy shops that you should totally check out. Bonus: If you live in San Diego, make sure to show some love to a few of the local businesses listed in this post.

Black Friday 2015 Beauty Sales + Coupon Codes

Black Friday is here and so are the beauty deals! In this post you'll find the best beauty deals, coupons, and also the Ebates cash back rate. If you're not a member of Ebates, then you have to quickly register so you can earn cash back on your Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases. Get your credit cards ready because the savings are coming your way!

Outtakes #3 | Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! What better way to say thank you for your support than to show you all the wacky shots that sadly didn't make the cut- until now. Yes, the outtakes are back for round three and this time there's a whole lot of weird faces, dogs not cooperating, and awkward outfit of the day poses. Let me tell you, some bloggers may want you to think that they're incredibly photogenic and graced with the perfect poses but that's certainly not the case for me. So now that we have all the introductory stuff out of the way, let's move on to the outtakes!

Outfit of the Day | Blush and Rose featuring JORD

We're finally getting some cooler weather in San Diego, so I felt like was finally time to start using one of my favorite blazers in my closet. This blush colored blazer was a piece that I picked up last summer but sadly has barely been worn due to our hot weather. Another rosy item that has been getting some love is my rose gold watch from JORD. In case you're not familiar with the brand, JORD is a contemporary watch company that creates unique and sustainable watches made out of wood. When I first laid eyes on the Sidney series watch, I knew it was for me. Just like myself there's elements in the watch that are quite masculine inspired such as the thick band, but then you have the delicate rose gold to provide a nice contrast. In this post you're going to see how I styled my JORD watch to fit with my minimal tomboy style.

$1 Neutral Palette

$1 Neutral Palette
Not too long ago I wasn't able to afford the Marc Jacobs, Burberry, and Hourglass makeup because like many of you I was a student that had to worry about other expenses. There were even some drugstore brands that I found a little expensive such as Sonia Kashuk and Physicians Formula. I would occasionally splurge on a MAC item here and there, but the majority of my makeup collection were drugstore items. During a recent trip to the Dollar Tree, I stumbled upon two neutral palettes that I decided to test out. Will any of these two be worth a trip to your nearest dollar store? There's only one way to find out.

November 2015 Ipsy Bag Opening

All good things must come to an end and that's the way I feel about my Ipsy subscription. While I've enjoyed the bags a lot throughout the time I've been subscribed, I just want to explore other subscription services. I'm still not sure which service I'm going to end up trying out, but I'm leaning towards Birchbox or Petit Vour. Before I cancel my Ipsy bag I decided to go all out and order the best item with all the points that I accumulated. When I say it's good, I really mean it. This month's bag was also quite good, but not as good as the item I got with my points.

My Menstrual Cup Experience

One of my most requested videos on both of my YouTube channels was a video all about menstrual cups. Yes, menstrual cups. Since speaking about my love for menstrual cups on my August Favorites I've been getting requests on Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. In this long-awaited video I'm going to be talking about why I decided to ditch both pads and tampons, as well as talk about my personal experience with menstrual cups. I'm also going to explain how to choose the right menstrual cup for you and show you how truly easy it is to use. Hopefully this video will help you decide whether to give menstrual cups a try, or if you should just stick with your prefered method.

The Surprising $1.50 Mascara

I'm guessing you all know by now that my search for the best volumizing mascara is far from over. I've tried a variety of volumizing formulas from drugstore to high-end brands, but this mascara is easily the cheapest volumizing mascara that I've ever come across. Don't let the $1.50 price tag fool you, this mascara can easily compete with the drugstore giants. And if you happen to struggle with keeping your lashes curled all day, then this mascara might work very well for you. Now let me introduce you to the cheapest and most adorable volumizing mascara out there.

How To Buy Makeup On Poshmark and Haul

How To Buy Makeup On Poshmark and Haul
It's no secret that I love makeup, but what I love more is saving money. Thankfully Poshmark has my back now that sellers can list various makeup products. You can find an incredible array of makeup products from brushes to highlighters, and there's literally every brand you can think of. I was personally on the hunt for luxury products from brands such as Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and Charlotte Tilbury. I've managed to save $10-$20 off products by simply shopping on Poshmark so in this video I'm going to share what I've purchased, as well as share some of my tips so you can start saving on makeup as well.

Review | NON.U Elegant Makings She Turns Me On Lipliner Pen

NON.U Elegant Makings She Turns Me On Lipliner Pen Review
Once upon a time I said that "I couldn't be bothered" with lip liners, which is a little hard to believe now but when I filmed the Lip Product Addict Tag I was not a big fan of lip liners. Well it took about a year for me to get hooked on lip liners and nowadays I own way too many of them. Here's why I changed my mind: Lip liners make ridiculously easy to achieve nice and defined lips, and they also help with the longevity of a lip product. I've tested out various affordable lip liners from the drugstore, and most recently I gave the NON.U. Elegant Makings She Turns Me On Lipliner Pen from Born Pretty a shot. These $2.29 lip liners claim to be waterproof and long wearing, but do they live up to those claims?

October 2015 Favorites

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that in 2 months the year will be over. October was not the most exciting month for me, but at least it lead to some awesome beauty discoveries. I've been gushing over the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes since I picked up two on Poshmark and you'll get to hear more about them once again. This month I was reaching for my high-end makeup more than any other month this year, which is a good thing considering that I used to have this weird fear of ruining my high-end makeup (I told you it was weird). Apart from the plethora of makeup hits, I also have some disappointing products to share with you in this video. October was not a good skin or hair month at all.

Getting Ready for the Paw-lidays

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ClausAndPaws #CollectiveBias
Pedigree #ClausAndPaws
Believe it or not, the holidays are on their way. It's time to start making lists so you can get your Christmas shopping done in a breeze. If you're anything like me, you like taking care of all Christmas shopping before the holiday madness. There's honestly nothing worse than packed malls, picked over displays, and dealing with all the holiday stress. I personally really enjoy picking gifts for my loved ones, and I especially enjoy shopping for my dogs. My family has always been amazing at including our dogs in our holiday festivities, and this year we have a new addition to the family which should make things even more fun for us. This year I decided to make a stocking for each of our dogs so we can put some toys and their favorite PEDIGREE® snacks in there. In this blog post I'm going to be showing you some gift ideas for any sized dog in your family.

Review | Crest 3D White Brilliance Daily Cleansing Toothpaste and Whitening Gel System

Crest 3D White Brilliance Daily Cleansing Toothpaste and Whitening Gel System Review
I've been a huge fan of  Crest 3D White toothpaste and strips for over 5 years because I find the lineup of products to be very efficient, affordable, and trustworthy. When I first heard that Crest was bringing out a two step daily whitening system I was incredibly anxious to get my hands on it so I could see if it was better than their regular toothpastes in the 3D White range. Step 1 is meant to give your teeth a deep clean and freshen your mouth, while step 2 is the clear whitening gel. I've had really great luck with Crest 3D White products in the past so I went into the testing process with really high hopes, unfortunately things didn't go very smoothly this time around.

Simple Everyday Makeup

Simple Everyday Makeup
Last week when I uploaded the Ipsy bag video, I got so many comments about how nice my makeup looked. Some of you even requested to see a tutorial on this look and also the look I wore in my recent Instagram selfie, so I decided to combine the two look for this tutorial. I've been wearing a variation of this makeup look this whole month and I think it would be a great look for school, work, or a casual day out. This video will be another chatty makeup tutorial, meaning that you'll get to hear more about the products and brushes used to created this look. It's a beauty tutorial and mini reviews rolled up into one chatty video!

Nails of the Day | Dark Chocolate

butter LONDON x Allure Nail Lacquer in Lust or Must?
Brown seems to be one of the "it" colors at the moment in both the fashion and beauty worlds. We are currently seeing a resurgence of brown hued lip colors, nail polishes, and eyeshadows all inspired by the 90's. And by now I think all of you know how much I love the browny nudes and browny rose lip colors, since it seems that those are the only shades I've been purchasing the past 3 months. Apart from embracing brown hues on my eyes and lips, I really haven't tried the trend elsewhere until now. The Allure and butter LONDON fall collaboration includes six unique trendsetting shades, and today I decided to sport some very dark brown nails.

Review | Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara Review
I promise that this will be the last post dedicated to the new Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara. After seeing the last week's posts, you might have thought to yourself "is this mascara worth purchasing?" Well today I'm going to let you know whether it's worth a shot, or if you should just save your money and go with something else. I am a huge fan of big, black, and voluminous lashes without having to apply a strip of false lashes. Any mascara that claims to give you the false lash effect will eventually end up in my makeup collection because I'm still on the search for that perfect mascara. And as a Maybelline mascara fan I personally wanted to see how the Push Up Drama Mascara would measure up to some of my other favorite mascaras like the regular Falsies Mascara and the Falsies Big Eyes Mascara. Is this the new "it" mascara, or should you stick with your old favorites?

October 2015 Ipsy Bag Opening

October 2015 Ipsy Bag Opening
The last two Ipsy bags were not the most exciting bags, in fact they made me doubt the service a little. For two months straight I got two items from the same category which kind of defeats the purpose of a subscription bag in my opinion. I like getting a variety of products and brands in subscription services, that way I can get exposed to new things. This month's bag definitely renewed my excitement for Ipsy's monthly service. I got a great selection of products to try out, and as a bonus all the products that I received this month happen to be cruelty-free. If you're curious to hear more about this month's awesome bag, then just keep reading!

Red Smokey Eye

Red Smokey Eye
You may had seen this look already on Monday's post, but I was so proud of this that I actually recorded the whole process. Yes, the red smokey eye is in video! Personally I find video tutorials much easier to follow and this look was something that my YouTube channel was currently lacking. I know that this is a look that might intimidate many of you, but red is surprisingly wearable both on the lips and eyes. If you have blue or green eyes, red eyeshadows will help enhance them even more and dare I say "make them pop." So if you missed out on Monday's post, or just want a more detailed look at the tutorial then continue on to the video!

Nails of the Day | Power of Pink

Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish in Promising Pink
Recently I was introduced to a new nail care and polish company named Dr.'s Remedy. This brand was created by two doctors after seeing many of their patients come to them with brittle and discolored nails as a result of the harsh chemicals in most nail polishes. The Dr.'s Remedy nail polishes are enriched with garlic bulb extract, tea tree oil, wheat protein, vitamin c, and vitamin e. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Dr.'s Remedy released the Power of Pink collection that features three different shades of pink. Dr.'s Remedy will be donating 10% of all the Power of Pink sales to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Foundation which I think is incredible. So let's take a look at the pale pink shade that I'm wearing on my nails right now.

Kaaboo Diary | Pictures + Vlog

A few weeks ago I attended the very first Kaaboo music and arts festival in Del Mar. This was an odd festival for me because I honestly bought my pass on a whim after seeing that The Killers were headlining the festival. As far as the rest of the lineup, I thought it was alright but it definitely didn't compare to Coachella or Outside Lands. During the months leading up to the festival I began to regret buying the pass, something that has never happened to me in the past. The management was definitely a lot more focused on ripping people off, even more than the Street Scene festival which faded into existence after 2009. Thankfully I was able to make the best out of a bad situation, but I'm unsure if I'll attend next year's festival.

Ulta Haul

It's been a while since I last filmed a haul but I went to Ulta recently with a $10 off coupon with me. All the items I purchased are incredibly affordable and products that you often don't hear about. The whole Ulta makeup range never gets talked about on YouTube so I decided to purchase a few things to test them out. I also picked up a few Essence lipsticks after hearing so many great things about them. Let me tell you, these $2.99 lipsticks definitely live up to all the hype!

Dramatic Smokey Eye For Fall

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#FalsiesPushUpDrama #CollectiveBias
Dramatic Smokey Eye For Fall #FalsiesPushUpDrama
Now this isn't your everyday type of look or your traditional smokey eye, this look is for the daring girls. I decided to push the boundaries and go completely out of my neutral comfort zone to unleash my inner rock star. The inspiration for this smudgy red and pink smokey eye came from the new Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara which I recently picked up from Walmart. You all know by now that I live for volumizing mascaras, and this mascara definitely gives me all the drama that I'm craving for. I'm not going to lie, my own idea of doing a red and pink smokey eye scared me at first but I'm so glad that I challenged myself because I ended up being obsessed with this look. I am guilty definitely guilty for taking one too many selfies that day, but can you blame me?

Walmart Fall Beauty Box

Walmart Fall Beauty Box
It's official! I've been subscribed to the Walmart Beauty Box for a full year and this has to be the best box I've ever received. The number of deluxe samples and coupons in this box exceeded the $5 you spend on shipping and handling. I know I've mentioned in the past that it's by far the cheapest subscription box out there, but I also think that it's one of the most practical boxes out there. As someone who loves saving money, I really appreciate the fact that this box includes so many coupons. The coupons in this box would save you $13 on beauty and body care products which is pretty incredible if you ask me. So what exactly did I get in this box? You'll have to watch the video to find out.

Celebrating My Latino Pride Through Beauty

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Orgullosa and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and text are all mine.
Celebrating My Latino Pride Through Beauty
Today's blog post will not be a review about the latest mascara launch or an another outfit of the day featuring pieces from my capsule wardrobe, today I'm going to talk about my Latino heritage. I am incredibly proud of my Latin heritage and I make sure to show it off whenever I can. To me, I'm not just a beauty blogger -- I am a Mexican-American and a bilingual content creator. I am what I would like to refer as the modern Latina. The modern Latina is a woman who is not afraid to march to the beat of her own drum and venture to the unknown, and I'm certainly not afraid of either of those things. With Hispanic Heritage month here, I want to share how I honor my heritage and celebrate our beautiful Latin culture through this beauty blog that you've all come accustomed to. There's a lot more to beauty bloggers than meets the eye, that's all I will say.

Review | Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer Review
A few weeks ago I did a sponsored blog post with Target which featured the new Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. While the post focused more on my idea for a quick body care routine, I did have to mention some facts about the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer and show how the product works. Since publishing that blog post I've been using Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer regularly to see if I prefer this over a conventional moisturizer. All I can say as a teaser is that I have very mixed feeling about the moisturizer, there's definitely some pros and a lot of cons that I would love to talk about.

DIY Minimal Sconce

DIY Sconce
It's been a while since I last posted a DIY but we're back with a very easy minimal sconce (or pendant lamp). This sconce is perfect if you have a small bedroom that doesn't have an overhead lamp as a lighting source. I know I've mentioned the fact that my room is small before but I'm really not exaggerating. Before this DIY I had two small lamps that used to sit on my bedside table and my bookshelf which gave horrible lighting and took up space. This is a great way to not only make some space but also get much better lighting. I personally love the very clean and minimal design which was very much inspired by Pinterest. So now that you've seen the end result, it's time to check out how easy this DIY sconce really is.

Mad For Plaid

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RinseMadeRad #CollectiveBias
Mad For Plaid #RinseMadeRad
Outfit inspirations can come any shape and form. I often find inspiration on Pinterest, magazines, while I'm out and about, and most recently on a bottle of LISTERINE®. Random I know, but the new bottles are just pretty freaking cool. If you've followed my blog for a while, then you already know that usually I shy away from prints but I will gladly make an exception for plaid. Plaid to me is the print that personifies effortlessly cool, and it also happens to be ridiculously comfortable. Plaid is very versatile since it can easily go from the streets to a glam get together. While I love plaid, the San Diego weather makes it a bit tricky to wear it but I've come up with three very easy ways that you can style plaid while it still feels like summer outside. 

Blog Sale

Blog Sale
I've been wanting to do a blog sale for the longest time because I have so much makeup that I no longer use. A few years back I was all about the bright colors and glittery eyeshadows, which is clearly not my makeup style nowadays. I was debating whether about how to do this blog sale for the longest time since I've heard a lot of bad stories about blog sales in the past. When Poshmark announced that you could now list makeup I immediately jumped on that bandwagon. I've been a Poshmark user for over two years and have sold a lot of my clothing and accessories through the app, which is why I chose it to host my blog sale. I just trust on the app a lot, and there's a few benefits by shopping the blog sale through the Poshmark app that you wouldn't get otherwise.

September 2015 Favorites

September 2015 Favorites
I can't believe that September is gone! This month went by so fast thanks to Kaaboo and getting sick, not once but twice. There's nothing worse than catching a cold when it's over 80ºF because the last thing you want to do is get some soup. In this monthly favorites video I'm going to be sharing a few high-end staples, as well as an incredible eyeshadow that costs only $3. No one is going to believe the brand because if you were to see just the swatch I swear that half of you would think it's something by Charlotte Tilbury or Jouer.

Review | derma e Purifying Toner Mist and Youth Serum

Derma E Purifying Toner Mist and Youth Serum
You may recall that I reviewed the Evenly Radiant Brightening Serum by derma e a few months ago and today I'm going to review a few more products from this natural skincare brand. I've been using both the Purifying Toner Mist and the Purifying Youth Serum for well over a month now, I actually started using them right before I went to Outside Lands so it's been a while. The new Purifying range is designed for people with normal to oily skin who live in a city, it honestly makes me think like this product was made with me in mind. The Purifying products are meant to detox and reboot your skin daily, so it won't appear dull due to the micropollutants in the urban air. I have to give you a small teaser: One of these products has become a new staple in my skincare routine, but the other one I didn't get along with.

The Walt Disney Family Museum and Golden Gate Bridge

I swear this will be the last post you'll see of my trip to San Francisco. I know I've shared quite a bit from this trip, but it's because I really enjoyed myself. The last day of San Francisco was a very special one because I finally got to visit The Walt Disney Family Museum and the Golden Gate Bridge. Believe it or not, it took 25 years for me to walk on the bridge. And you may not know this about me but I'm terrified of heights, to the point that my knees will give up on me if I get too scared. Being able to walk on the bridge was a huge thing for me, it didn't get rid of my fear of heights but I can finally say that I was able to do it (even if it took me a while). To see a whole new side of me, you'll have to watch today's vlog!