Introducing Colour Pop

Introduction to Colour Pop
Recently I've been hearing a lot of buzz about a brand called Colour Pop. Everyone from Temptalia to Kathleen Lights (a recent obsession of mine) has been raving about the affordable company from Los Angeles. After seeing multiple swatches of their lippie stix (lipsticks) and a cornucopia of positive reviews, I decided to finally give them a go. Once I went to their website I was pleasantly shocked by the amount of textures and colors offered. The best thing of all? Every single eyeshadow, lip liner, and lipstick is only $5! Five, cinco, cinq! I feel like I need to repeat it again because I had such a hard time believing this the first time I saw the prices. All eyeshadows, lippie stix, and lippie pencils are $5. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Colour Pop Bill, Get Lucky, and So Quiche
Colour Pop Bill, Get Lucky, and So Quiche
Colour Pop Bill, Get Lucky, and So Quiche
I picked up three eyeshadows from Colour Pop in three different textures. The eyeshadows may look like your standard powder shadow but they are a cream shadow with a light whipped consistency. They apply better with your fingers than a brush, and are very opaque.
Bill- Matte muted plum. This best-selling color goes on very smooth and doesn't look chalky at all.
Get Lucky- Metallic yellow gold. I picked this shade up because it reminded me of Guy-Manuel's (Daft Punk) gold helmet. The shadow feels like butter and looks incredibly smooth, almost like liquid gold.
So Quiche- Olive green with pink and gold duochrome. This is one of the most unique shades that I have in my eyeshadow collection. On the swatch it looks like a taupe, but the base color is actually olive. In certain lights it looks more green, sometimes it looks more purple- either way it's sure to turn some heads.
Colour Pop Creature, Lumière, Brink
Colour Pop Creature, Lumière, Brink swatches
I picked up three lippie stix all in the matte formulation since I personally prefer a good matte lip over something glossy. All the shades go on very smooth and have an average longevity on the lips. The longevity is nothing remarkable, but I don't mind touching up since they're pretty moisturizing for a matte lip product.
Creature- A dark burgundy red. This color looks insane on! It's by far the darkest burgundy lip color that I own.
Lumière- Dusty mauve with a hint of pink. This is the lippie stix color that Kathleen Lights came up with and I have to say, I freaking love this shade! It's the perfect color to throw on when you just don't know what lip color to go for.
Brink- A muted dusty coral. This is described as a dusty taupe on the website but to me it's far too pink for a taupe shade. It's also too bright for that Kylie Jenner lip but I still love the shade. It's a nice wearable pink for everyday usage.
Colour Pop Creature Pitch Lippie Pencil
The last things I picked up were two of their lippie pencils. All the lippie stix have color coordinating lippie pencils or colors that will compliment one another.
Creature- Dark burgundy red. This is a tad darker than the lippie stix so you can create the ultimate vampy lip.
Pitch- A chocolate brown. I know brown lips aren't something that everyone likes but I like them so I got myself a brown lipliner. I plan to use this on it's own and also underneath other lip colors.

And there you have it! So far I've been really enjoying my Colour Pop purchases and I am definitely going to be picking up more things in the near future. If you've tried Colour Pop, please recommend me some products! I would love to read your recommendations. Also, if you make a purchase don't forget to sign up for their newsletter to receive a $5 off coupon!

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