Brow Threading with Beauty By Dolly

Brow Threading with Beauty By Dolly
Thick eyebrows are a very prominent feature in my family that I learned to embrace very early on in my life. When thin brows became more popular I would have everyone from my high school friends, to my mom's acquaintances try to persuade me into getting my eyebrows thinned out. Thankfully I refused to do anything drastic to my brows. For the past years I've used a combination of tweezing, shaving, and trimming my eyebrows to achieve something that still looks quite natural. So many of the bloggers I follow have all converted to threading, so naturally I became very intrigued. A few weeks ago I was contacted by local brow threading salon, Beauty By Dolly, to review their service. Let's just say that this brow threading noob quickly converted into the art of brow threading.

Beauty By Dolly
The Beauty By Dolly salon is located in Hillcrest, one of my favorite areas in San Diego. If you've followed my vlog channel then you've seen me in Hillcrest plenty of times. The salon is large, clean, and has a lot of great natural lighting thanks to the large windows facing 5th Ave. When you first walk in you'll see the seating area followed by the brow threading area.
Brow Threading with Beauty By Dolly
I walked in not knowing what to tell the brow stylist or how the whole thing was going to go down. I was told to sit down in Dalal's chair and then she began her magic. She began working on the top of my brows and then once she began to work on the bottom I was told to help hold the skin in place using my two hands, as shown in the picture. The whole process took less than 5 minutes with Dalal which surprised me since I usually take up to 10 minutes to groom my brows (I know, I'm pretty slow). Once I was handed the hand mirror I was completely blown away! Without saying a word to Dalal, she gave me the brows I always wanted.
Here are my brows before threading and after. My before picture was lightly filled in and as you can see from the after picture, I really don't need to fill them in much. I love that my brows were kept thick but this time around they just look a lot cleaner. I also love the more defined arch on both brows, because before threading only one brow had more of an arch. I found that the process did not hurt a lot, to be honest it hurt a lot less than tweezing due to how fast the hairs are being pulled out. My skin also did not become irritated or damaged, in fact within 10 minutes the redness had completely disappeared.

It's now been close to 2 weeks since my threading session and my brows are still looking amazing. Threading is definitely going to be more for cleanups/shape maintenance, than a weekly necessity for me. I find that I can get away with tweezing a little, but I can't get something as sharp as this with simply tweezing (that's why I'll have to go back for a touch up). One of the best things about Beauty By Dolly is that threading doesn't require an appointment! I can simply just pop in while I'm shopping in Hillcrest or looking for a great restaurant to eat in. You can probably even drop by while you're waiting for a table at The Hash House!
Brow Threading with Beauty By Dolly
I really enjoyed my Beauty By Dolly experience and I highly recommend their salon for any of your threading or waxing needs. Threading your brows will cost you $12, which to me is quite affordable considering the superb service and a well kept salon. I want to thank the Natashah and Beauty By Dolly staff for being so friendly, and also Dalal for my amazing brows.

Have you gotten your brows threaded? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: I was provided the service free of charge thanks to Beauty By Dolly, this in no way affected how I feel about the salon or their service. I will continue to be a customer due to how content I was with the way my brows turned out. All thoughts, opinions, and images are completely my own.

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