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You've seen these glasses already in a few outfit of the day posts, Snapchat stories, and even in my vlogs. I reach for these glasses on a regular basis because they match everything in my wardrobe. Yes, everything! They're also quite big in size, and the gradient effect from black to clear is something that catches the attention of many people. I've probably passed on the website a good 20 times during work and a few more times online. These are one of my favorite glasses in my collection, and the best thing is that they're less than $50 with prescription. 

The website is a really easy website to navigate and order glasses from. All you need to do is plug in your prescription, choose what type of lens that you want, and purchase them. It's really as simple as that. It should take less than 5 minutes to order a pair of glasses, but choosing is the hard part if you're indecisive like myself. Luckily has glasses separated by style, material, and frame type. 

Since I didn't own a pair of cat eye glasses in my collection, I decided to check out their cat eye selection to see if any of them called my name. I ended up going with the black and clear Louisville Cat Eye frames. As previously mentioned, these glasses match everything in my wardrobe! As far as the glasses go, the frames themselves feel sturdy and the lenses have zero scratches on them. The arms do feel a little flimsy when compared to my other glasses, but they're still going strong after 5 months of consistent use. The Louisville Cat Eye frames cost $29.95 without prescription and with prescription they'll be $45.83 (which is ridiculously affordable for prescription glasses). The glasses will cost a bit more if you choose to go with a bifocal, progressive, or polarized lenses.

To make things even sweeter, always has some type of promotion going on. They were very kind to give me a special 20% off code just for my blog readers. If you use the code LauraneuzethX20 then you'll save 20% off any pair of glasses. There's not too many places where you can get prescription glasses that will cost just as much as a very basic blouse. 

If you're a glasses wearer like myself then I highly recommend for their incredibly unique and affordable frames. I will definitely be ordering some more glasses not only for myself, but also my parents in the near future. And the next glasses I will order from will be another pair of prescription sunglasses because a girl needs to have some options. 

Do you wear glasses? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: These glasses were sent by review purposes. This doesn't affect the way I feel about the glasses or their website. I'm also not being compensated for this review or earning money from the promotional code.

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