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KONG Squeezz Ring with Handle
If you follow me on Snapchat, then you know how my three dogs are my best friends. I previously had two dogs: Buster, my 12 year-old chow chow, and Francis, my 4/5 year-old rescued Yorkie. Back in January we welcomed another rescued dog to the family, Bowie. Little Bowie is a 6 month-old maltipoo (maltese poodle mix) who was rescued from a puppy mill by one of my friends who volunteers in an animal shelter. He wasn't in the best condition when he arrived into my home, but he immediately stole everyone's heart- including Buster's and Francis'. If I had to describe Bowie in three words, I would say that he's kind, frolicsome, and (very) silly. Chewy, one of the biggest online pet shops, reached out to me to see if I would be open to share dog products on my blog and of course I had to say yes. I'll use absolutely any excuse to share pictures of my dogs, plus I think it would be nice to incorporate more pet-friendly lifestyle posts. Since Bowie is the only one out of my dogs that enjoys playing with toys, he'll be the one in charge of reviewing them on my blog. In this blog post I'm going to share Bowie's experience with the KONG Squeezz Ring with Handle, as well as some adorable pictures of him.

KONG Squeezz Ring with Handle
The KONG Squeezz Ring with Handle ($9) is dog toy designed for light/moderate chewing. KONG is a company known for their tough and durable dog toys such as their incredibly popular and classic rubber toy. Since Bowie is still a puppy, he loves to chew on anything from snacks to my bright yellow Crocs. This toy is perfect for any little rascal who loves chewing on things just like Bowie.

The KONG Squeezz Ring with Handle can be used both indoors and outdoors, which is another feature that I really enjoy. I can easily take it outside without having to worry about the toy picking up a lot of the dirt from the patio. And if your dog loves squeaky toys, then he/she will go crazy when they hear how loud the squeaker is.
KONG Squeezz Ring with Handle
When Bowie first saw me take out the KONG Squeezz Ring with Handle out of the Chewy box, he immediately knew that was for him. He sat down next to me and started barking at me to give him the toy, that's how excited he got. And once he heard the squeaker he went insane! My mom and I were laughing so much that I had to to grab my phone and camera so I could share Bowie's excitement instantly on my Snapchat and also in this vlog. To say that he loved it would be a complete understatement.
KONG Squeezz Ring with Handle
For the past few days he's kept the KONG Squeezz Ring with Handle on his bed and he guards it whenever Francis walks by it. Although Bowie loves chewing on the ring and rope while he's on his bed, he enjoys the toy the most when someone holds the handle. He jumps and then tries to walk on his two paws in order to reach the ring. And occasionally he'll try to move the ring by using his front paws like in the picture above.

As much as Bowie enjoys this toy, I do have to mention a few things about the durability. The squeaker stopped functioning to it's full capacity within 5 days. Now whenever Bowie bites the ring he gets a really faint squeak (which he still loves). The next point will serve more as a tip if you leave the toy out for your dog. Bowie started biting the handle a few days ago and now there's a big chunk of it missing. The handle isn't built with the same material as the ring, so therefor it isn't as durable. Thankfully the rope is also very durable because Bowie started biting it when he got a little tired of biting on the ring.

Overall I would recommend the toy to anyone with a small/medium dog or puppy. I think it's a very fun toy that is built to handle even the most playful and energetic dog. Bowie still loves his KONG Squeezz Ring with Handle and for the price I would definitely repurchase it once he completely destroys the toy in a few months.

Stay tuned for more dog reviews on the blog! All my three dogs will be helping me review items such as toys, snacks, and food. If you want to see more of my dogs make sure to follow them on Instagram @lostresperritos (the three dogs) and you can also follow me on Snapchat, my username is @lauraneuzeth.

What would you like to see Bowie review next? Let me know in the comments below. Also let me know what type of dog you have, I would absolutely love to know!

Disclaimer: The product was sent for review purposes. I am not getting paid by Chewy to share the product on my blog. All opinions are entirely my own and based on my observations.

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