Fitness Haul

Fitness Haul
During the past year I've been seeing my health decline due to my unhealthy decisions which stemmed from my previous job. I would sleep in and skip breakfast, eat a very fast (and often unhealthy) lunch, and then I would return at 10:00PM to eat my dinner (aka the heaviest meal of the day). All of those decisions (plus not working out) contributed to my weight gain and my overall lower self-esteem about my body. This past month I've been slowly but surely changing my eating habits and portions, as well as working out at least 4 days a week. In order to motivate myself I decided to treat myself to a few fitness clothing bits. And as you can probably guess, many of them are really plain and basic. What can I say? I can never resist anything that won't go out of style.

Here's the little haul! Everything in the haul is incredibly affordable and the quality feels really nice.

Products Purchased
G.W. Capris, $7.99 (each) available at Marshalls stores
Old Navy Women's Long-Sleeved Rashguards, $13.50
Old Navy Women's Classic Bikini Bottoms, $10
Old Navy Women's Color-Block Bikini Tops,  $19
Old Navy Women's Go-Dry Compression Capris, $20

Let me know if you're also working out this summer! I would love to create a community of women supporting one another to reach their fitness goals.

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