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Firmoo Review
I love glasses! As someone with myopic astigmatism I could technically get surgery to get rid of wearing glasses all together, but that would be a tragedy for me. At this point of my life, wearing glasses has become my thing. I really enjoy experimenting with different shapes, frame thickness, and also frame colors. As a teen I thought I could only get away with rectangular shapes due to my round features, but in recent years I've grown fond of round glasses. This latest pair of round glasses are from Firmoo and they're pretty great. There's nothing I love more than unique glasses at an affordable price, and that's exactly what Firmoo offers.

Firmoo Review
Firmoo is an American based online eyeglass store with an incredible variety of eyeglasses and sunglasses. If you browse Firmoo's website, one of the things you'll notice that all their frames are $39 or lower. Even sunglasses start at $39 which is almost unheard of for prescription sunglasses. Firmoo purchases lenses, frames, and eyeglass accessories directly from manufacturers which is the reason why their prices are so low.

What I particularly enjoyed about Firmoo was the search option, you can get real specific so you can find the perfect pair for yourself. You can filter the frames by color, material, gender, size, frame type, shape, prescription type, and of course price. I wasn't kidding when I said that you could get real specific! All I did to find these glasses was search for round glasses and then scrolled through my results until these burgundy frames caught my attention.
Firmoo Review
The glasses I chose are the #FL18244 which are one of the many unisex frames available on Firmoo. The #FL18244 frames retail for $36 (with a single vision prescription) and are made of memory plastic. If you don't do any customization, such as lens thickness or extra coatings, then the glasses will remain the price that it's advertised. Also, free shipping is available with any order over $39 (over $55 if you live outside of the U.S.), which means almost any frame will ship in the U.S. for free!

There's definitely some pros and cons about the #FL18244 frames, but let's start with the pros. The burgundy color is very flattering and doesn't clash with makeup or outfits. I also love the thinner frame in these glasses because my collection is composed of thicker framed glasses. They're also incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and they don't slide down my nose as much as my other glasses. The cons for these frames deal with how frail the arms feel. Since the frames are quite thin in comparison to other frames, the arms on these glasses are a bit on my flimsy side. I feel like I have to be a little more careful when handling them and also when I put them down. If I one day sit on them by accident then these glasses are going to bend and break incredibly easy. Despite the cons, I still really love the #FL18244 frames and would recommend them if you're a fan of round glasses. Firmoo Review
All glasses come with a case, cleaning cloth, glasses cleaning solution, and a mini screwdriver. I was very impressed by the attention to detail that Firmoo has, especially since no other glasses company has ever sent me cleaning solution nor a screwdriver. It's the little things that make a difference! Plus, I'm guilty of losing my mini screwdrivers that I've purchased at the drugstore. The case itself is also very nice! I loved it because of the map print and I happen to love maps- a little too much.
Firmoo Review
I not only love these glasses but I also loved working with Firmoo. Finding great companies definitely makes the reviewing products much more fun. If you're in the market for glasses, then I would definitely suggest checking out Firmoo for their affordable and unique eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Disclaimer: Firmoo sent me the glasses for review purposes. I chose the glasses and also put my prescription in. All thoughts and opinions about Firmoo and the glasses are entirely my own. I'm not being compensated monetarily by the company.

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