San Fran and Outside Lands | #Snapvlogs

If you don't have a Snapchat or don't follow me on there, sometimes I like to use it as a mini vlog channel. Here's why Snapchat has become my favorite social media app: First of all, you all know by now that I love sharing bits of my life with you and the app makes daily "vlogging" a breeze. I don't have to worry about editing anything and each snap just uploads in an instant. I also enjoy getting instant feedback from my Snapchat homies in the form of text messages, pictures, or video. It just makes my community of like minded and silly women that much more real to me. Since I do treat my Snapchat account like a small vlog channel at times, I've decided to immortalize my interesting stories and create actual vlogs out of them! The first installment of my #snapvlogs will take you around San Francisco and Outside Lands! You'll see a proper vlog soon, consider this is a small preview of what you'll get in a few days. 

I hope you enjoy the very first #snapvlog! If you want to see my daily Snapchat stories just follow me on the app. You can input my username on the app or you take a picture of the yellow Snapcode in Snapchat (you can find my code on the left side of the video or on the thumbnail picture).

What's your favorite social media app? Let me know in the comments below.

PS. Be careful when you go Mumford AF.

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