Q&A #1: YouTube, College, and Body Image

My very first Q&A is finally here and it's a very long one. As my first Q&A (in a series of many, I hope) I thought it would be fitting to answer every question I received. Yes, I answered all of your questions. The video is 30 minutes long but if you've been curious about the woman behind the blog, then this video is for you. Some of the topics I talked about were YouTube, blogging, college, and body image. You all had amazing questions and honestly I could have kept talking and talking, but the video was already long enough. Before you watch the video I want to thank you all for your great questions and I truly hope that you enjoy the video.

I will definitely do more Q&A's in the future. Should it be a monthly thing? I kind of think that it would be cool to do that more regularly.

Do you have any Q&A topic suggestions? If so, let me know in the comments below.

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