Review | derma e Purifying Toner Mist and Youth Serum

Derma E Purifying Toner Mist and Youth Serum
You may recall that I reviewed the Evenly Radiant Brightening Serum by derma e a few months ago and today I'm going to review a few more products from this natural skincare brand. I've been using both the Purifying Toner Mist and the Purifying Youth Serum for well over a month now, I actually started using them right before I went to Outside Lands so it's been a while. The new Purifying range is designed for people with normal to oily skin who live in a city, it honestly makes me think like this product was made with me in mind. The Purifying products are meant to detox and reboot your skin daily, so it won't appear dull due to the micropollutants in the urban air. I have to give you a small teaser: One of these products has become a new staple in my skincare routine, but the other one I didn't get along with.

Derma E Purifying Toner Mist and Youth Serum
Let's start off by reviewing the Purifying Youth Serum which is supposed to shield skin against free radicals (for more information about free radicals read this informative article). The serum is enriched with the potassium-rich Kimarine Wakame seaweed which is meant to protect the skin against fumes, cigarette smoke, and heavy metals. Some of the ingredients include aloe, glycerin, Canadian willowherb, and green tea. This product is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten free, and GMO-free.

While the Purifying Youth Serum has an amazing list of ingredients and claims, I felt like it wasn't doing anything to my skin. I saw absolutely no noticeable differences when I would use this product and when I would forget. I even took a small pot with the serum to San Francisco because I thought the city would be the perfect landscape to test a product such as this one, but I ended up not using it on the last two days of my trip. My makeup just did not sit well over this serum since it would make my skin a bit tacky. Once I came back from my trip I continued to use the serum in a new enviroment and I still didn't see any changes to my skin. If I were you I would get the derma e Evenly Radiant Brightening Serum instead because you'll get noticeable changes to your skin, and it's a way better value for your money.

The Purifying Youth Serum retails for $29.50 for 1 fl oz (30 ml), while the Evenly Radiant Brightening Serum retails for $29.95 as well but it contains 2 fl oz (60 ml). For more information about the Evenly Radiant Brightening Serum please check out my review.

Now let's me introduce you to my favorite toner, the incredible Purifying Toner Mist. This toner has claims that it will refresh, rebalance, and fortify your skin against environmental pollutants. The toner has a pH balanced formula and it also contains the star ingredient which is the Kimarine Wakame seaweed. Another star ingredient is bladderwrack seaweed that is known for hydrating and nourishing the skin. Other ingredients include green tea, aloe, and Canadian willowherb.

The reason why I adore the Purifying Toner Mist is because of the refreshing qualities and ease of application. Long gone are the days of using two cotton rounds for my face, now I can just use one (or none depending on my mood). All I do is spritz my face and use one cotton round to help spread the toner around my face. If you don't like toners with alcohol, then this one would be perfect for you since it doesn't contain any alcohol. You won't be getting that tight and dehydrated feeling with the Purifying Toner Mist, which is ideal for oily skin. My skin feels and looks healthier and more hydrated since I switched over to this toner. I've never been too picky with toners, but the Purifying Toner Mist has definitely raised the bar very high. And it gets bonus points for not wasting any product! I've been using it for almost two months and I still have a little more than half of the bottle left.

The Purifying Toner Mist retails for $15.50 and it's also vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free.

Do any of these products appeal to you? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: derma e sent me the serum for review consideration. All opinions are entirely my own and I'm not being paid for this review.

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