Blog Sale

Blog Sale
I've been wanting to do a blog sale for the longest time because I have so much makeup that I no longer use. A few years back I was all about the bright colors and glittery eyeshadows, which is clearly not my makeup style nowadays. I was debating whether about how to do this blog sale for the longest time since I've heard a lot of bad stories about blog sales in the past. When Poshmark announced that you could now list makeup I immediately jumped on that bandwagon. I've been a Poshmark user for over two years and have sold a lot of my clothing and accessories through the app, which is why I chose it to host my blog sale. I just trust on the app a lot, and there's a few benefits by shopping the blog sale through the Poshmark app that you wouldn't get otherwise.

Blog Sale
The Poshmark app and website make it very easy to find exactly what you're looking for. You can search through categories on the search engine, as well as on people's profiles. Poshmark also provides buyer protection for free, so the customer will get a full refund if the item you purchased never arrives. You can always research a seller's rating to find out if they're trustworthy or not, as well as check how long it takes them to ship out items. A few other bonuses are the seller discounts, which is currently 15% on my shop if you purchase two or more items. If you don't like the price of something then you can try to make an offer to the seller, but it's up to the seller to accept or negotiate on a price.

Due to the fact that I'm hosting this sale on my Poshmark shop, it means that the blog sale is U.S. only. I don't want to be charging $10+ on shipping for an item that's listed for $8 or less. Priority shipping is $4.99 on Poshmark, but there's $0.99 priority shipping days, so that advantage of that. If you're a new user then you can instantly get $5 store credit if you use my code HKKEP. You can shop anything from my shop and beyond! There's a few outfits that you've seen on my blog, as well as designer bags that other people are selling. And if you also have clothes or makeup that you're not using (or have been sitting around for a while) then you can make money as well! It's such an easy site to navigate and use, which is exactly why I've used it for this long.

On my blog sale you'll find limited edition MAC items, some Make Up For Ever cult favorites, and even some skincare bits. I'm always up for negotiating on price and I'll be posting more makeup and clothing in the next few weeks. All purchases come with a little handwritten note by myself.

Thank you so much for reading! For more questions, please let me know down below. I would be more than happy to answer them!

Have you used your makeup or clothes online? If so, where? Let me know in the comments below.

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