DIY Minimal Sconce

DIY Sconce
It's been a while since I last posted a DIY but we're back with a very easy minimal sconce (or pendant lamp). This sconce is perfect if you have a small bedroom that doesn't have an overhead lamp as a lighting source. I know I've mentioned the fact that my room is small before but I'm really not exaggerating. Before this DIY I had two small lamps that used to sit on my bedside table and my bookshelf which gave horrible lighting and took up space. This is a great way to not only make some space but also get much better lighting. I personally love the very clean and minimal design which was very much inspired by Pinterest. So now that you've seen the end result, it's time to check out how easy this DIY sconce really is.

DIY Sconce
Materials Used
Ikea 11" Ekby Valter Bracket (available in birch or black), $4
Ikea Sekond Black and White Cord, $8
Valspar 12-oz White High-Gloss Spray Paint, $3.98
Drywall anchors and screws (if you have drywall at home)
How to hang items from drywall tutorial
Ikea Koppla 6-way adapter plug, $2.49

Where To Buy Cords
Ikea Sekond Cords
NOTE: If you search the availability of these at your local Ikea it will tell you that they're not in store. Don't listen to the website and head over to Ikea! The San Diego store had a ton of the cords and in all the colors available. The reason why they appear as not available is because they sell the cord with a bulb in stores, not the cord by itself.
Ikea Hemma (cheaper alternative)
Colored Cords (biggest variety but pricey)
West Elm Metallic Cord
West Elm Chevron Cord (Ikea version is MUCH cheaper)
DIY Minimal Sconce
DIY Minimal Sconce
DIY Minimal Sconce
DIY Minimal Sconce
Here's the DIY sconce video, I really hope you enjoy it. If you decide to make your own sconce, please tweet me or use the hashtag #LauraNeuzethDIY so I can see your version!

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