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A few weeks ago I attended the very first Kaaboo music and arts festival in Del Mar. This was an odd festival for me because I honestly bought my pass on a whim after seeing that The Killers were headlining the festival. As far as the rest of the lineup, I thought it was alright but it definitely didn't compare to Coachella or Outside Lands. During the months leading up to the festival I began to regret buying the pass, something that has never happened to me in the past. The management was definitely a lot more focused on ripping people off, even more than the Street Scene festival which faded into existence after 2009. Thankfully I was able to make the best out of a bad situation, but I'm unsure if I'll attend next year's festival.

The Roots played on Saturday afternoon and their set was great! I particularly enjoyed the redheaded DJ they brought on stage, he was freaking incredible.
Spoon instantly brings back so many memories of being an awkward kid in high school. I kept telling my goddaughter Vanouhi stories about when I would listen to them on my Dell mp3 player and have their songs on my MySpace profile. Not going to lie, I felt pretty old during their set.
One of the artists that I went to the festival knowing little to nothing about was Grace Potter. I remember the times that VH1 would have her in the "You Oughta Know" segment (which is how I discovered The Killers in 2004), but other than the "Ooh la la" song I had never heard anything else by her. Well it seems that she no longer has The Nocturnals band by her side and now she's a solo artist, and a kick ass solo artist. Her set was one of those magical sets that turns people such as myself into fans. She was a complete badass in the guitar and boy can she sing!
Before The Killers the audience got to chill thanks to Ben Harper. His set was what you would expect, very chill and laid back. I really enjoyed his music, but especially the stories in between songs. I also really loved when he pointed out the differences between the two sides of the crowd. He compared the VIP area to Calabasas due to how rich and bored they looked. It was an accurate representation since most of the people there didn't look like they were enjoying themselves.
My hair twin and bad ass guitar player, Dave Keuning. Here's a random fact for you: He's the only member of The Killers that lives in San Diego. Yes, a member of The Killers lives in the same city as me. And no, I don't stalk him- I actually don't even know in which area he lives in.
For those of you who don't follow the Chargers or the NFL, the Chargers have a player named Brandon Flowers. An football player that gets sick and tired of people thinking about The Killers frontman. Don't believe me?
Well it only seemed appropriate that Brandon Flowers would close the festival with his own Chargers jersey. I guess the Chargers have room for two players named Brandon Flowers in their roster.

Here's the vlog from the festival featuring all the acts that I saw, a lot of laughing, and some really bad dancing.

Which music festival should I visit next? Let me know in the comments below.

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