DIY Yarn Ornaments

DIY Yarn Ornaments
It's been almost 2 years since my last holiday DIY but today we're going to do another one! In this video you're going to be learning how to make some unique ornaments out of yarn. This project is a very easy one that the whole family can do together, even kids can get in on the ornament making action. The materials needed for this DIY are also very affordable, so you can definitely make enough ornaments to fill up your family's Christmas tree.

DIY Yarn Ornaments
DIY Yarn Ornaments
Yarn (preferably on the thinner side)
Small balloons
Tacky glue
Paper plate
Plastic cup
Thread or hooks
DIY Yarn Ornaments
Hope you enjoy this latest Holiday DIY! If you decide to do this please share your ornaments with me on Twitter or Instagram by using #LauraNeuzethDIY. I can't wait to see your DIY ornaments!

Are there any DIY holiday decorations that you have in your house? If you do, what are they? We have so many DIY decorations in my house and some of them are over 20 years old!

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