First Impression | LOC (Love of Color) by Tati

LOC (Love of Color) by Tati
If you don't know about Tati of Glam Life Guru, then what are you doing? In my opinion she's the most honest and trustworthy YouTube beauty vloggers out there. If you need an opinion about a new product from the drugstore or Sephora, then Tati is your go-to girl. With an incredible work ethic and an encyclopedia worth of beauty knowledge, it's no surprise that she finally came out with a range of beauty products. LOC (Love of Color) is Birchbox's first in house makeup line, and for the launch they teamed up with Tati to create a range of products that perform like luxury makeup but are incredibly affordable. Since I'm a huge fan of Tati I decided to pick up the Royal Flush Clutch Collection so I could get the chance to try out a little bit of everything and tell you what I think about her LOC (Love of Color) collection.

LOC (Love of Color) by Tati
LOC (Love of Color) by Tati
The Royal Flush Clutch Collection retails for $23 and it includes two One and Done Shadows and a Vibrant Matte Lipstick.
On Point is a shimmery pink champagne color with taupe undertones.
Impress Me is a metallic deep rose gold with subtle purple undertones.
Glam Life is very creamy deep plum with a subtle red undertone.
LOC (Love of Color) by Tati
And here are the swatches of On PointImpress Me, and Glam Life. These swatches are very true to color, so this is exactly what you'll see if you pick up any of these shades. For some reason Glam Life was coming through a lot more red on video, but in real life you'll get more of this plum shade.
Here's my first impression review on the LOC (Love of Color) Royal Flush Clutch Collection by Tati. I hope you enjoy the review and the little product demo!

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