Review | Affordable Brush Set from Born Pretty Store

Affordable Brush Set from Born Pretty Store
By now you all know that I'm all for affordable brushes and products when they're perform well. When it comes to brushes (even cheap ones) I want them to be soft, perform well, and also have a nice shape. When I came across this affordable set of brushes on Born Pretty Store, I have to admit that I was very excited to test them out. The shapes of the brushes looked perfect for foundation, contour, blending out concealer, and blending out eyeshadows. I had an elaborate idea of creating a review/tutorial so I could demonstrate how each brush works, but unfortunately things didn't go as planned. Let's just say that there's only so much I can do with these brushes and they're definitely not as great as I was hoping they would be.

Affordable Brush Set from Born Pretty Store
In the 10 piece set you receive five face brushes all made up of soft nylon fibers. The flat brush is meant for applying cream or liquid products on flat areas of the face. The round brush is meant for mineral powders such as foundation or powder. The rounded angled brush is designed to buff cream blush or bronze. The angled brush is supposed to blend foundation in the small crevices of your face and also work for contouring. And last but not least, the tapered brush is designed to apply cream and liquid foundation on the face. To be completely honest, none of these brushes work well with powders. I found that none of them pick up powder well, so you're limited to buffing foundation or concealer on the face.
Affordable Brush Set from Born Pretty Store
You also get five different small brushes in the kit, these are also made with nylon fibers. The flat brush is meant to stipple concealer on blemishes and other imperfections. The large round brush is designed for applying eyeshadow base or primer. The round angled brush is supposed to be a brush that you can use to contour the sides of your nose. The tapered brush is designed to place concealer in hard to reach areas such as around the eyes and nose. And the flat angled brush is another brush that's supposed to be for concealer application. Once again, I found that these brushes have very limited uses. I tried to make them work for concealer but unfortunately some of the brushes were not dense enough for blending out concealer and would leave streak marks. In my personal opinion these are way better eye brushes than concealer brushes.
Here's the complete review on the $13.99 brush set from Born Pretty Store. There's some good things about this brush set, and also some things that really disappointed me.

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What are your favorite brand of affordable brushes? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: The brushes are press samples from Born Pretty Store. I am not being paid for the review or the usage of my coupon code. The code is simply to save you money, so I don't actually gain anything from it.

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