Review | CoverGirl Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara

CoverGirl Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara Review
The new CoverGirl mascara has arrived and this one has the most interesting brush I've ever seen. The Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara has a rubber brush with three different kinds of bristles to plump and lift the lashes. CoverGirl claims that the Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara will give you 50x more volume and separation. I personally wasn't the biggest fan of the CoverGirl The Super Sizer Mascara so I was a bit hesitant to try another new CoverGirl mascara, but ultimately the strange brush got the best of me and I had to purchase it. In today's review you're going to be able to watch my first impression, as well as get to read about what I currently think about the mascara.

CoverGirl Plumpify Mascara ReviewCoverGirl Plumpify Mascara Review
Here's a better look at the CoverGirl Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara's unique brush. As you can see there's a combination of three different bristles that make up this very innovative brush. You have a blend of large horizontal bristles and long thin spikes that spiral upwards. The bristles are spaced quite close to one another which will help disperse the product much better, as well as define the lashes. Another very interesting thing about the brush is the half spherical tip which resembles the iconic Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara. The long and thin bristles on the tip are designed to coat the hard to reach lashes.
I would recommend watching the video before reading the rest of the blog post, that way you'll get to hear more about the mascara and see how it applies.
CoverGirl Plumpify Mascara Review
As you can clearly see from these pictures, the CoverGirl Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara really does deliver on the claims. I felt like my lashes looked very black, defined, volumized, and lifted thanks to the Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara. The changes between one coat and two coats were also very noticeable in my opinion. One coat would be great for everyday use but if you want more drama then definitely layer one or two more layers.
CoverGirl Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara Review
I've worn the CoverGirl Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara 4 more times since filming the first impression and I'm still crazy about it! I haven't experienced any smudging but I do find that it flakes ever so slightly (it's not noticeable unless you hold the mirror close to your face though). The mascara was also easily removed without the need of an oil based makeup remover. Overall I think the CoverGirl Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara is a very solid mascara launch and I think it's definitely worth checking out.

The CoverGirl Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara retails $10.02 and it can be found at any drugstore, Bed Bath & Beyond, and other major retailers.

What's your favorite CoverGirl mascara? Let me know in the comments below.

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