Random Favorites #1

In case you haven't heard, my vlog channel got a little bit of a re-branding and is now my lifestyle channel called Bonus Laura. Apart from posting an occasional vlog, I will also be using the channel to share my other interests such as food and pop culture. Since my regular favorites videos focus so much on makeup and beauty products, I've decided to start sharing my lifestyle and food related favorites over on my second channel. My first favorites has a lot of healthy food options and a little natural remedy that has helped me establish a much more healthy sleeping pattern. And there's also a little cameo from a little dog that wanted some attention while I was filming.

Here's my very first random favorites! These videos won't be done every single month, so that's why they will be numbered instead. I'll try my best to get one up every month and a half or so- it all depends on how many things I can accumulate.

What are some of your food favorites? Let me know in the comments below.

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