10 Makeup Tips I Learned from a Pro

A few days ago I was lucky enough to attend a bridal makeup class at the MAC Cosmetics store in Westfield Plaza Bonita. The teacher for this class was none other than the talented Gisel Calvillo, a MAC Senior Artist since 2003 who happens to be a very strong and passionate Mexican woman. Although the class was technically a bridal makeup course, the tips that were shared can work for every woman and any occasion. If you're a fan of using makeup to enhance your natural beauty, then you would have loved Gisel's tips. She's definitely a "less is more" type of girl who likes to create looks that will make a woman feel beautiful.

1. You can always fix color but not texture with makeup! Gisel told us to be considerate of what you put on your face, anything with a frost finish (such as a powder highlight) will enhance pores, scars, or acne. Discoloration, sun spots, and sallowness on the other hand can all be easily fixed with color correcting concealers.

2. Foundation is used to perfect the skin, not mask it. You can figure out your ideal foundation match by trying foundation on your forehead, shoulders, and chest. This way you'll find a foundation shade that will blend in seamlessly with your body.

3. Whether you're planning to do a natural look or something more dramatic, always start by applying your base makeup. The logic behind that is that you'll get to spot any problems with the foundation and have a chance to correct them.

4. When it comes to concealer, less is more. You don't want to cover a large area with concealer, so grab a thin brush to do some pinpoint concealing. If you have some redness, then use a green color correcting shade. If you deal with age spots or hormonal discoloration around the jaw, then try a peach or orange concealer. You always apply the color correcting shade first and then go over with a concealer that matches your skin tone.

5. Stick to cooler tones to contour your face. Gisel recommended Omega and Charcoal Brown eyeshadows and a 224 brush to contour the face. She went along the hollow of the cheeks, the temples, the crease of your eyes, the alongside the bridge of the nose, underneath the tip of the nose, and below the bottom lip. She made sure everything was well blended so it was nearly undetectable to the eye.

6. If you want to lift and create a look of elongated eyes, use shadow instead of liquid eyeliner. Line your eyes using a deeper eyeshadow and pull the eyeshadow slightly upwards. This will lift the eyes in a more subtle way.

7. When filling in brows, it's ok to have some gaps. I know we're used to seeing very filled in brows on YouTube and Instagram, but Gisel assured us that it's totally fine leaving some gaps or drawing some gaps in. This will give the illusion of a more natural brow.

8. If you have full brows then opt for a brow wax to create texture and eyeshadow to fill in the brows. For people with sparse brows then opt for a combination of brow pencil and two shades of eyeshadow close to your hair color (a light and dark shade). You always want to flick up to create the illusion of brow hairs.

9. Strip lashes photograph weird and have a tendency to lift if you plan to do some crying at a wedding or other special event, instead go for individual lashes. Gisel recommended to place longer individual lashes in the middle to lift the eye and start fanning them outwards to mimic your real lashes. Individual lashes will not only last better, but will also look a lot more natural.

10. Gloss looks very pretty on the lips but is not very practical if you plan on wearing your hair down. Trust me, no one wants their hair sticking to their lips! To create a shinier pout without the stickiness, apply a little cream highlight to the center of the lips.

MAC Cosmetics offers makeup classes in some of their bigger locations, ask your closest store to find out when the next event will be held at. Also, don't forget to sign up for the MAC Select Program! That's their rewards program which keeps track of your purchases, Back-to-MAC exchanges, and gets you free standard shipping with any order.

What is your favorite MAC Cosmetics product? Let me know in the comments below.

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