Review | Pacifica Dream Big Mascara

Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Review
I'm so happy that today I'll be sharing my review on a mascara that literally everyone can use! I really want to make it more of an effort to recommend more cruelty-free and vegan makeup this year and I'm so excited to share this amazing mascara discovery with all of you. The new Pacifica Dream Big Mascara has a very interesting 2-in-1 brush that promises to lengthen, lift, volumize, and condition lashes. The mascara is also natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. And to make things interesting, this mascara also claims to help your natural lashes grow and become more voluminous. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Review
The Pacifica Dream Big Mascara* has a rubber bristle brush that can either lengthen or volumize your lashes. Use the shorter brush to build and volumize lashes and the longer brush to define and lengthen lashes. This mascara layers really well so you can most definitely use the brush both ways to create your ideal lash look.
Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Review
Here are my natural lashes and my lashes after applying the Pacifica Dream Big Mascara. I used the volumizing brush first and then the lengthening brush. I don't even find it necessary to dip the wand back in to get more product, this is just one coat using both brushes.
Here's my review and demo of the Pacifica Dream Big Mascara. And yeah, I got a little haircut a few days ago. I didn't even bother mentioning it in the video since it's quite obvious that it's back to being a short bob.
Pacifica Dream Big Mascara Review
The Pacifica Dream Big Mascara retails for $15.99 at Target.

What are your favorite Pacifica products? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Pacifica sent me the Dream Big Mascara as a press sample. This review and video are not sponsored in any way.

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