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We All Grow Summit
Exactly one week ago I was at the second annual We All Grow Summit held in Long Beach, California. The conference was put together by the lovely and passionate women behind Latina Bloggers Connect, a network for Latina content creators. I've been a proud member of the Latina Bloggers Connect community since I started my beauty blog in 2013, in fact they were the first network that believed in my work and allowed me to publish my very first sponsored post with Neutrogena. I still remember how excited I was when I received the email that I got accepted into the Neutrogena campaign and I left the We All Grow Summit with the same excitement that I experienced 3 years ago. Last weekend was filled with so much knowledge and motivation to keep fighting to make my dreams become reality.

Here's my We All Grow Summit video diary! I tried my best to document the conference but I spent the majority of my trip there living in the moment and taking a lot of notes. During one of the panels I took around 5 pages of notes! There was just a lot of information to absorb and a lot of content creators to learn from.
We All Grow Summit
Coco and Breezy are Afro-Puerto Rican twins and eyewear designers who are as stylish as they are inspiring. Their drive and determination to make their dreams come true really struck a chord with me. They talked about everything from how to find the right business partner, to finding the motivation to keep creating (which is something that I sometimes struggle with since I post very frequently). Check out more of Coco and Breezy in this video and prepared to be inspired.
We All Grow Summit
The panels were some of my favorite things at We All Grow Summit. One of my favorite panels was the talk between Cristy Marrero and Rosie Rivera (Jenni Rivera's sister). Let me be completely honest with you, I am one of the whitest Mexicans you'll ever meet so I had zero clue who Rosie Rivera was. Maybe the fact that I didn't know anything about her played to my advantage since I didn't have a biased opinion about the Rivera family. I actually found Rosie to be extremely honest, frank about the Latin media, and very inspirational. I think she is extremely courageous for speaking up about her sexual abuse and I love that she is using her platform to raise awareness and inspire other women to use their voices.
We All Grow Summit
Actress, Sandra Echeverría was also one of the many speakers at the conference. She was very lovely and I found her passion for creating Latin films very beautiful. Her most recent film, Busco Un Novio Para Mi Mujer (Looking for a Boyfriend for My Wife) was a project that she took upon because she became tired of auditioning for roles that she didn't connect with. Then we have Ana Flores, the founder of Latina Bloggers Connect and the visionary who came up with We All Grow Summit. Not going to lie, I fangirled a bit when she recognized me and told me that she loved my Instagram pictures. I loved meeting Ana and the rest of the talented women behind Latina Bloggers Connect in person for the first time, they were all so warm and welcoming.

I hope you enjoyed my little recap from the We All Grow Summit! I am going to try my best to make it out to next year's conference and next time I have to bring even more business cards.

What is the best advice you've received? Let me know in the comments below.

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