Review | Narciso Rodriguez NARCISO Eau de Parfum

Narciso Rodriguez NARCISO Eau de Parfum
I've found my newest perfume obsession and it's NARCISO, the newest fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez. If you watched my March Favorites, then you would have already heard me rave about this intoxicating fragrance. This perfume to me is the epitome of a springtime scent since it's feminine, floral, and very classy. Unlike many floral scents in the market the NARCISO Eau de Parfum doesn't have overly sweet and juvenile notes, instead this fragrance combines floral notes with more deeper and sensual notes.

Narciso Rodriguez NARCISO Eau de Parfum
I was introduced to the NARCISO Eau de Parfum* at the #WeAllGrow Summit and it was love at first sniff. Floral scents are by far my favorite perfumes to wear because of the way they wear on my body, but this is a very unique floral scent. It doesn't smell too sweet like Daisy by Marc Jacobs but it's also not a botanical scent like the NEST fragrances. In my opinion NARCISO happens to be quite sophisticated and refined fragrance which is why it stands out in my perfume collection.

NARCISO by Narciso Rodriguez contains Bulgarian rose and gardenia as the top notes, so upon application you'll smell those delicate floral notes. There's also a hint of a soft powdery note which makes this fragrance feel very warm and cozy. Musk is the middle note of this fragrance and that's definitely a scent that evokes warmth and sensuality. To round off the fragrance, the woody base notes contain vetiver, white cedar, and cedar. NARCISO Eau de Parfum wears really well on myself, I usually get 6-7 hours of wear with this. The woody notes also take on more of a sweeter smell once they blend in with my body chemistry. Whenever I spritz myself with this I immediately get taken back to that weekend in Long Beach at the #WeAllGrow Summit, which is very appropriate since Latinas are also very feminine and sensual like the fragrance.

Apart from the scent, another element of NARCISO that I really love is the presentation. NARCISO has a very minimal design, yet it feels quite substantial when you hold it in your hands. The bottle is made out of thick glass and the liquid is encased in an off white capsule. I really love having this bottle displayed because of the elegant and clean design which I'm very much into.

If you have not yet smelled NARCISO Eau de Parfum, I highly suggest you do. This is a very intoxicating and unique spring fragrance that I'm sure many of you would enjoy.

What is your favorite spring scent? Let me know in the comments below.

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