The Best Dandruff Shampoo

Zincon Medicated Dandruff Shampoo
For some reason dandruff is one of those topics that beauty bloggers tend to avoid or get embarrassed about. I honestly don't quite understand why people embarrassed about dandruff when it is quite a common thing for both men and women. I've tried a good number of dandruff shampoo throughout my life containing different active ingredients to treat the flakes and itchiness. I found that many of the dandruff shampoos were not effective when treating my itchiness and they would dry out my hair. It took a while to find my favorite dandruff shampoo but I think that I've finally found a winner!

The Zincon Medicated Dandruff Shampoo is an OTC dandruff shampoo containing Pyrithione Zinc as the active ingredient. Pyrithione Zinc is an antifungal treatment that inhibits the growth of yeast that causes Seborrheic Dermatitis. It's a gentle yet effective active ingredient that can be found in other drugstore dandruff shampoos.
Zincon Medicated Dandruff Shampoo
No flakes in sight! I started using the Zincon Medicated Dandruff Shampoo once again two weeks ago since the dry air in San Diego caused my scalp to become really itchy and flaky once again. It's a cycle that comes and goes, but now I know that I can always rely on Zincon Medicated Dandruff Shampoo when it does comes back.

Do you get dandruff and itchiness? If so, what is your go-to dandruff shampoo? Let me know in the comments.

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