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Glossier Best & Worst
Nowadays I'm all about the minimal makeup look, and no brand does minimal beauty better than Glossier. The company was founded by Emily Weiss of the incredibly popular blog, (one of my all-time faves). Glossier's motto is "Skin first. Makeup second." so it's all about letting your  real skin peek through and enhancing your natural beauty. I've been raving about the Boy Brow for a few months now, but I thought it would be very helpful to review all the Glossier that I currently own and have tried in a video. That way you'll get an idea of the products I love, the ones I like, and the ones that just didn't work out for me.

Here's my complete Glossier review which includes swatches and product demos. Unfortunately Glossier currently ships only to the United States and Puerto Rico, so I apologize to my readers outside of the States. Also, I do want to mention that sometimes items may take a while to be restocked but this article clearly explains why that happens.
Glossier Best & Worst
Glossier Products Mentioned
Stretch Concealer in Medium, $18
Boy Brow in Black, $16
Generation G in Crush, $18
Glossier Phase 2 Set (Includes concealer, Boy Brow, and a Generation G), $50
Balm Dotcom, $12 (Alba Botanica dupe)
Flavored Balm Dotcom, $12
Priming Moisturizer, $25
Moisturizing Moon Mask, $22

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What's your favorite Glossier product? If you haven't tried anything, which product would you like to try out? Let me know in the comments below.

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