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MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water
Let's talk about one of the coolest skincare products at the moment that will literally cool you down, even on a hot and humid day. MILK MAKEUP is the cool kid on the block in the beauty world and I'm personally super intrigued by their refreshing approach to beauty. What initially attracted me to their brand was their innovative, yet practical packaging. Then I found out that mega babe and one of my favorite singers, Samantha Urbani, was one of the faces of the brand and I knew I had to try something out. With the hot summer months ahead I picked up the Cooling Water which has become a saviour for my puffy under eyes.

MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water
The MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water is a gel stick infused with seawater and caffeine for an instant cooling sensation. All you have to do is swipe the stick on the areas of your face that you want to cool down. I usually swipe this underneath my eyes, forehead, and my cheeks (basically anywhere where you get a little hot or puffy). The formula is also very lightweight so it'll absorb into the skin very quickly and it won't leave a greasy or tacky residue.

MILK MAKEUP does recommend keeping this inside your fridge for an intense cooling sensation, but I personally just keep it on my vanity so I can remember to use it in the mornings. You'll still get a refreshing cooling sensation whether you keep the Cooling Water stick in your fridge, vanity, or makeup bag. The Cooling Water stick works perfectly on your bare face, but it also works really well once you have makeup on. I've applied this with a full face of makeup and it hasn't caused my makeup to move around or look too shiny.

This past weekend in San Diego was ridiculously hot and even a bit humid, so you can imagine how much I was hating the weather. I honestly reached for the Cooling Water stick so many damn times over this past weekend because I always tend to look a bit flustered when it's almost 90ºF outside. I don't know if that's a pale Mexican problem or my body's natural reaction to hating the summer. Regardless, this stick is has been my BFF! I love the ease of application, the portability, and the minimalist design. This is definitely an unsung hero in the Sephora skincare section and one that I would highly recommend for the summer.
MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water
My only minor complaint with the MILK MAKEUP Cooling Water is that I wish this came in other sizes. As much as I love getting 1.2 oz of product for $24, I do wish this came in a smaller and more travel-friendly container so I can carry it in my small makeup bag. I would preferably love something the size of a lip balm container, something slim and compact that would fit a lot better in makeup bags and in the under eye area. Despite that little con, I still looove me some Cooling Water for the summer.

Have you tried anything from MILK MAKEUP? If so, what do you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

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